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  1. True yes, I placed mine in a choate stock. A few things: 1. Your crazy for putting that kind of money into it. 2. Magazine well. If that stock doesnt have a removable floor plate then you are going to have to make a magwell like I did. That stock is aluminum bedded aswell so itll take some more time. 2A. Magazine catch. Your going to have to make a magazine catch that not only holds the magazine in place, but one that holds the magazine in the RIGHT place. Your going to have to makesure the magazine is flush with the action. The last part is the longest and hardest part. Coming up with a magazine release system isnt as easy as it sounds. But If youve got the tools,...and money. Then go for it. Make sure its short action stock.
  2. [CAG] Disciple if that doesnt work try faist http://senditclan.11.forumer.com/index.php CAG is recruiting if anyone intrested hop on that website and register. Ventrillo infos on there too if anyone wants to play and BS
  3. Yes, As I run a propane powered rifle, the propane gases leaving the barrel act the same as the gases leaving a RS rifle. So yes they do work. And I find a noticeable difference in both my Hk5k and my M4.
  4. Suppressors are not illegal in the US. Only select states. If its legal in your state and you have all the right licensing and pay taxes for it you can have it. Ive got a suppressor on my Tanaka and It has fully functional baffels. (custom made by someone else. Without it it makes the usual crack noise but with it it makes a light thump sound. The way real suppressors work: Suppressors are designed to slow down and capture the gases created by the powder when the weapon is fired. The sounds you hear when a weapon is fired is those high pressured gases leaving the tiny opening of the barrel. Inside the suppressor are bafels, they come in various designs. They are simply little pockets inside where the gases get caught and slowly leak out of the barrel as mentioned before. If its ok on these boards and If anyone would like to see Ill post up pics of my suppressor and baffles.
  5. So go on airsoft smith and pick out what you like. Its all personal prefrence.
  6. I used to have a pair of these cheap plastic NODs when I was very young. It was part of a spy kit. You need to be in absolute pitch dark just like the MW2 one and theirs supposed to be like a little lite inside with a green film that somehow lets you see a bit in the dark.
  7. Same alot our guys tried to be highspeed with the oakleys and they fell apart on them. I stuck with the bellevilles until mid way through my deployment when I got Garmont T8s. Ive never worn a mroe comfortable boot.
  8. You can only see 50 feet in grey and black or green
  9. Or put on 35 pounds ;) Im about 150 and 5'10 I use the TAG gladiator chest rig.
  10. You can move just as fast in boots as you can sneakers. I use a pair of garmont T8s. Best boots Ive ever used. They lasted me through Iraq and through airsoft and regular duties. Ill keep buying them till they stop making them. You can get shorter pairs of boots that are more like a sneaker but still hold the ankle support of a boot. If I cut a corner indoors doing CQC I dotn want to fall and not have that ankle support of a boot. Nikes areant the way to go, tactical boots are. And you can get them cheap at most surplus sites or ranger joes. I bought mine from extreme outfitters.
  11. Your not going to be able to make a functional pair, if you want them youll have to buy them.
  12. You jsut get used to that sort of pain.
  13. We used those in Iraq, I never liked them though I always liekd using the zip ties. Id go with them, its cheaper and easier to make yourself alls you need is 2 big zip ties and loop them together.
  14. Our company commander told us on saturday well have it mid 2010
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