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  1. Its still a paint really, if not prepped and applied properly it will flake off like regular paint. Best example of this is poor automotive paint jobs.
  2. I've never really had an issue with my TBB on my MP7A1 "clogging up," its about the same part so I don't think it should be an issue.
  3. I would be willing to bet that you blew the fuse in the gun. Shouldn't be that hard a part to replace, but where its located I have no clue as I have never personally taken apart a JG M249
  4. Well to put any flamers to rest, I am asking this out of curiosity because I DID see it on COD:BO and because I DON'T think it was or is practical. It just seemed halfway logical for that time because the M14 was a main infantry rifle up until the production of the M16 and I wouldn't doubt some GI thinking to stick with the more accurate M14 and jimmy-rig a M203 onto it, not a lot of soldiers were happy switching to the government's new use more bullets vs. accuracy idea that the M16 brought along. But yes, the M203 was specifically produced for the M16 as a replacement for the M79 grenade launcher to be used with the M16 rifle family. I was thinking about the RIS and how easy it would be to use, I was just curious if there was anyway to make the M14 in COD:BO by using what seems to be the M16 hand guard and such. Also some food for thought: Springfield Armory Museum, M14 with a Grenade Launcher
  5. So playing CoD: Black Ops and during the single player campaign you can use an M14 rifle with a M203 attached to it. First thing I thought was, "WTF?" How the hell does that work!? Then I started wondering if it was ever used in the real world, I am pretty good with knowledge about a large majority of firearms and when they were used but I don't remember ever hearing about attaching a M203 on a M14 rifle. Anyways, so if someone were to actually want to install a M203 on an M14 how would you go about it?
  6. My point in the whole attachment thing is they could just use the excuse that the "mock" suppressors can be cracked open or drilled out to be "real" suppressors. I still think that while they wouldn't test every batch that comes through customs, there has to be some sort of regulation of these products. I work as a mechanic as a living and the laws revolving around my field also include laws for parts that can be installed on street cars and what is illegal to install on a road going vehicle. The DOT (Department of Transportation) approves products that are legal to install and use on a road going vehicle versus the "High Performance" stuff or cheap Chinese knock-off parts that have not been approved and/or tested by the DOT. So I would assume that if the federal government and even the state government (hell, CA has to get its grubby fingers in EVERYTHING) has such serious concerns for these mock suppressors, they're just dropping the ball on regulating them or at least approving?
  7. Is this like the red barrel plug that came with the TM MP7A1? Because that one has small holes at the end of the barrel plug so it still lets air pass through. But yeah, if it hasn't sustained severe damage it should fire fine!
  8. Odd... the picture worked when I posted it... Anyways yeah, Lingling's pic is the gun I am talking about, minus the red dot.
  9. This little guy is known as the IWI (Israel Weapons Industries) Uzi Pro. The newest addition to the Uzi family of weapons. Personally I think this little guy would make an awesome AEP, what do you guys think?
  10. Interesting, I knew about the suppressor laws as I was looking into them for a hunting rifle to try and be courteous on some open ranges earlier this year. But it never occurred to me that they would spill into airsoft. If this is the case, then how is it that there is no "crack down" or restrictions on selling these things in stores? I remember distinctly before Airsoft Extreme went out of business (due to the low customer volume for that area, to be clear) they had many suppressors of various makes and models with different attachment methods, most if not all being removable. Thus, I would assume that there is some sort of clause or side note we are missing here, because I doubt that the government would overlook such a huge import of product without at least some scrutiny. As a side note- How the hell did they attach your airsoft suppressor to a .22 rifle? Because that in its own right has me wondering a few things.
  11. I use a TM MP7A1 as my main weapon and have two standard shorty mags, and six 100rd midcaps. I run through 100rds quick sometimes, but swapping out a mag is always faster than when my buddy next to me is winding up his M4 Hi-cap under fire.
  12. Eh, ditch the maracas and go with some midcaps if you aren't sellin' the mp5.
  13. Eh, not to familiar with tracer magazine units, but some quick Googling came up with these: Magazine Tracer MP5 Modification for Tracer The second one seems to talk about actually building the tracer unit inside of the gun itself so you can use more than one magazine of tracer rounds rather than making a bunch of them, hope it helps?
  14. That's why I think that the connectors are the biggest bottleneck. Godwin, you are absolutely right about your math and I agree with you on it (a larger difference than I came up with myself so Ill go with your math on this one lol.) But I am think about after the connectors have been disconnected and reconnected a few dozen times or so. The working resistance will have increased due to wear and such.
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