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  1. Incredible SVI, Wolf. Specs? MP5, I really llke that Prime build. Specs?
  2. Nice! First time I've seen it, how do you like the quality?
  3. Could be Nova too. . Looks like a PDI trigger, yes. Mm, do you think the grip safety could be nova too? Only creation silver I've seen (its been a while) is a 1911A1 style safety. Looks like an AS or PROG4 hammer, same dual tone.
  4. Nice guys. Ver, love the LDC. Have a parts list compiled on that one?
  5. No one has been in here since 2011. Show me what the new ASF members got.
  6. Some Prime/G&P Steel WA GBBR Parts as well.
  7. Most of this is still available. Offer up, but be reasonable.
  8. SVI Infinity set sold Bump it up, help me pay for Education!
  9. Send me some offers, could use the money for school! Lookin at an Ipad if you've got one up for trade
  10. Ah... I will get into airsoft again for one of those kits. Whered you pick it up, cost?
  11. Ah thanks man. It's long gone now though... Was a really fun build, I poured most of my heart, soul... and money into it lol.
  12. I can take a look at it, although I've never taken one apart before previously. What's the issue? Also, I no longer reside in Woodland Hills. I'm in Monterey Park now. 2/3 Slots filled - Maverick v46 - Toe a bunch of other people interested but unconfirmed at this point If I've given you my address you NEED to follow up with me so that I can be certain something is coming to me. You still need to follow up with me if you've decided otherwise, I wont hold it against you, I just need to know out of courtesy for others who could want that spot. It makes everything that much less confusing. 1 spot remaining, wont last. Then it'll probably be a couple weeks 'till slots open up again.
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