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  1. This was the cheapest, metal upper and lower receiver, m4 for the money I could find...$130. Didn't think it would be to hard to score a cheap ris hand guard anyway. As far as the rails...he wants either a magpul m-loc or the rvg fore grip. And I have a unused NCSTAR green dot laser aimpoint that has held up quite nicely on my real deal FEG AK47 that he wants on the forearm also. So I need at least 2 rails. He wants a red dot sight on it so I have to at least get a rear flip up sight to have for backup. I don't think we will actually change the front sight out now. He likes how it will co-witness with the red dot. I don't like the idea of buying mags and wasting money in hopes of finding tight fitting mags. Was assuming there is a go to brand of mags, that have the reputation of being good and snug with no feeding issues, out there that someone could recommend. So do any real AR15/M4 furniture fit these airsoft versions AR's or does it have to be Airsoft dedicated to fit on the guns?
  2. Hello all, Bought a JG b.a.m.f. M4 for my 11 year old son. Don't have much experience with the AR platform. Can anyone help me with suggestions on what are some good mags that will fit snug in this exact model. Also having trouble finding out what stocks and forends are swappable with this model. I'm thinking with real AR's there are two different stock buffer tube sizes. Commercial and military and there not swappable. Can some one fill me in on how the airsoft world AR's are upgradable externally. I for sure want to get rid of the flimsy collapsible stock and take off the m4 round hand guard and go with some sort of quad rail. Thinking of switching out the post front sight block for a flat top gas block and flip up front sight. I know this is a lower line all metal M4, with mediocre popularity but it's very upgradable. And I was hoping my son and I could do this together. Plans are to shim and relube the gear box and upgrade the hopup. Possibly a barrel swap if need be. Any other suggestions pertaining to this particular make and model will be greatly appreciated
  3. Guys im looking for a solid M4 for my son. Ive been looking at the various online retailers but I just get lost with the many hundreds of brands and variations. This is what im looking for. I physically strong external gun that can handle the abuse of a 12 year old thrashing it in the woods and cqb. So im think full metal upper and lower is a must. what im worried about is the strength of the stock and forearm attachment points. Who makes the externally strongest m4 out there? I can always upgrade internals, just want a gun that will handle drops and smacks against trees and possibly him landing on it. He likes the short 10" barrel versions with quad rails or tri rails. Collapsible stock with rear battery. Ive got a line on a used Classic army just like this one but with a crane stock and with a carry handle..... http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=3036 What do you guys think of this one? Thanks for your replies!
  4. I only need the empty shell/body, and folding stock Absolutely no internals needed. Let me know what you have regardless Cliff
  5. Hello Brenden You replied to my Ad wanting a Umg/ump body. Im having a hard time getting a hold of you for some reason. Im interested in the DE m89 that you told me about. Could you let me know if your still interested in selling? Thank Cliff
  6. Would you happen to have a bare complete ump/umg body or know someone that might have one for sale? Thanks Cliff
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