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  1. Hey guys, Im looking for some good websites where they sell gas blow back rifles but I cant find any good ones, they mostly sell pistols, macs, and scars, and the occasional m4. You guys have any good links? Thanks
  2. Is it normal for a BB to get stuck in a tightbore barrel when dropped in? Because that's what happens with my barrel. Ive asked someone and they said that a BB should be able to travel through the barrel freely without any problems. Maybe that explains why I get constant jams I don't understand, I clean my barrel regularly like I should and I still encounter this problem. Is it possible that I got a factory defect barrel? When I first got my gun I never had this problem. Maybe it was the type of solution I used to clean the gun, I used silicone spray and everyone says that that's a horrible thing to use, so I switched to Goo Gone. Any suggestions?
  3. Hey guys, I own a KWA m9 ptp tactical GBB pistol and ive decided to paint the tip black. I did, but it looked bad. The black I used didnt match with the rest of the outer barrel. So I went online and someone told me to dip the tip into some acetone, such as nail polish. It was supposed to remove both the paint I added and the orange tip it came with. I dipped the outer barrel into nail polish and after a few minutes it ate through the plastic, making it soft and bendable. From there I ordered a new outer barrel. I have another chance to try again. Can someone please tell me what is the proper way to paint the orange tip? What type of paint should I use? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, So I own the JG Sig 552, a decent mid entry level gun, and its been jamming a lot lately. I completely took the gun apart and found out that my nozzle was broken, so I bought a new one and replaced it. Now my gun jams a lot less. While my gun was completely apart, I took the brass barrel and dropped a BB into it and it got stuck. The BB didn't go down far at all, it got stuck almost as soon as I dropped it in. Is that supposed to happen? Or should the BB be able to go through all the way without difficulty? This may be another reason why my Sig has been jamming.. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, Ive been told that I can get rid of the orange tip on my KWA M9 PTP by letting the outer barrel sit in some acetone (like nail polish). Once I take it out, the barrel should be all black. I have a few questions.. How long can I keep the barrel in acetone before it starts to get ruined? How do I remove the inner barrel + the hop up from the outer barrel? Thanks
  6. Oh. I wasnt aware of the plastic bolt system. Is it hard to install the battery? One more thing, ive been hearing that the foregrip isnt straight with the barrel.. have you noticed that?
  7. Alright thanks :] Do you know exactly when G&G is going to release its sig?
  8. Thats great to hear :] Thanks anything else you can tell me about it? I would appreciate it very much
  9. The problem with getting a $10 dollar spring is that I would need a new motor plus battery plus gears.. and that can be a chunk of change, I don't think its worth it. The ICS comes with that plus all the other improved parts (metal body, fully functional bolt system) You said the gun was solid? My Sig is quite creaky becasue of the plastic body and foregrip.. was the one you help last night the same? Well thanks for the advice
  10. Hey guys Im planning on buying the JP/Cybergun Sig Sauer 556. Is there anything I need to know about it? There isn't many personal reviews out there because Sigs are uncommon and the 556 came out not to long ago. Ive got a few questions to ask.. 1. Is the gun worth the money? 2. Is the gun creaky? Is it built poorly? Is it solid? Thats pretty much it :P Thanks
  11. Hey guys I am a Sig 55* fanatic.. and right now I own the JG Sig 552. Its a decent rifle, but lately ive been looking to get a better one and I came across the ICS Sig 552. The JG version is mostly plastic and its kinda creaky, plus it has a pretty low fps rating out of the box (350). The ICS version has a metal body with polymer handgrip and stock, with a fully functional bolt system (unlike JG) and quick field strip feature (once again.. unlike JG). Plus the gun has 400+ fps. I understand that there is a G&G 550 and the King Arms 556.. but im only interested in the ICS SIG 552.. ive been looking everywhere on the internet and im having a hard time finding decent reviews about it. Can anyone please tell me some info about this gun? preferably someone who has personal experience with it? All the bad things ive been hearing about it are: -Stock has tiny wobble -Trademarks can rub off -Bolt arm can fall off easily -Selector switch really stiff Is there anything else I should know? Thanks Oh, by the way, can someone please help me answer some questions? -Is the JG Sig 552 top rail compatible with the ICS SIG 552? -Is the JG SIG 552 Nozzle the same as the ICS SIG 552 Nozzle? (I bought a metal nozzle for my JG cause the plastic one broke.. ICS has a plastic nozzle, Id like to switch them) -Are the rails on the foregrip the same size for both JG and ICS? (ICS has plastic and JG has metal.. id like to switch them) -Can the ICS Sig fit a 9.6V battery? I heard it can. The JG cant I don't expect alot of answers.. the Sigs are a very uncommon airsoft rifle. Thanks
  12. Hey guys, Im planning on upgrading my JG Sig 552. Heres what I want to do: - Add barrel extension - Upgrade spring - Possible get new motor - Most likely reshim the gears I want to swap my old barrel for a longer one so that I can have better accuracy. The only conversion kit I have found was from ICS. Here's the link: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=31310 Will the ICS conversion kit work with my JG Sig 552? I also want to upgrade my spring, my gun shoots at around 350 fps, I want it to shoot 380 and up. What type of spring do you guys recommend for me? I realize that upgrading the spring will put more stress onto my stock motor, so ill upgrade that if I have to. I don't want to go down in rpm. Ive never reshimmed my gears, so I might as well do that since im opening up the gearbox. Is there anything else you guys recommend for me? Just letting you know that I don't have alot of money, getting the conversion kit alone takes up most of my money. Thanks.
  13. I see a lot of members with cartoon pictures of their weapons under their signatures. How can I do that for myself?
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