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  1. Could I bother you to PM me some information on those two G19s with trademarked slides whenever it's convenient for you? Thanks. Price, who makes the slides, etc.
  2. Alright, I'll bite... got any brown VSR/Butan/Dubok?
  3. Not to be "that guy" by saying "I told you so" buuuuuuuuut. http://www.courthousenews.com/2015/03/10/dueling-toy-makers-holster-their-guns.htm Cybergun's influence and power are spreading. It's not going to be much longer before they have a stranglehold on American airsoft the way they did to the French. As I said in my original post, if they're willing to do it to the French, they have no reason to not do it to us also.
  4. Haven't updated this thread in a while so here's some new material. Just got my hands on a HurricanE SR-47. All pics: - G&P Aimpoint - G&P VLI flashlight - KAC vertical foregrip - Troy (repro?) flip-up sights This pic: - steel PBS-1 - Real-steel AMD-65 20-round magazine converted to airsoft With the "Vortex" flash hider it came with, and a RealSword steel midcap With an SVD flash hider because why the hell not Close-ups >M-4 CARBING Also, just going to go on the record here and say, this thing's got THE WORST paddle/AK mag release design I have ever seen in my entire life. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be kicked in the nuts.
  5. Everything's sold, locking her down.
  6. I want that G&P flashlight. If it's still available, please PM me your Paypal info. If it's not.. well, free bump anyway!
  7. People have been saying this about RealSword for a long time now and I still have not seen any proof that RealSword has anything whatsoever to do with Norinco. Throw me a bone here.
  8. Necrobumping this because it came up in discussion elsewhere and there are still people buying Cybergun products. A lot of people don't know about Cybergun's unethical (and questionably legal) practices. Seriously, trademarking company names they have no right to e.g. Marui and KSC? Gets me every time.
  9. The manufacturer of your Marui 226 metal body kit is right on the box. It's ACTION brand. Cheers.
  10. No longer needing a G3. Prices are flexible. Make me an offer.
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