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  1. Start task manager and go to the resource monitor. It should tell you what's eating up your ram.
  2. OH GOD NO, NOT RADIOSHACK! RadioShack carries the really, really, really crappy heatshrink that's shiny and starts burning and melting if you heat it for too long. Get the stuff that looks rubberized, that's the good stuff.
  3. JG M4's come with 8mm bushings, but their G36 series come with 7mm nylon. BTW: JG G36's might come with 8mm bearings after the China crackdown. They haven't come back into stock save for the E1's.
  4. Use the search bar before you post next time. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of topics about airsplat already. Airsplat is hit or miss. They have a higher instance of sending you the incorrect or broken merchandise, and have a horrible return policy where you pay shipping back plus a 15% restocking fee. Their customer service has been god awful in the past (making the return process a nightmare since you couldn't even contact them), but they claim to have remedied that by adding phone lines and being more responsive to e-mails.
  5. That was beautiful. I wish he would have debunked other, less obviously ridiculous, claims tough.
  6. Yes. 8mm is bas for a sniper rifle. Not only is very high FPS dangerous, it will break your gun quickly.
  7. Active braking is really bad for a high speed set-up, especially if you fire in short bursts a lot. Look for one without a/b.
  8. I think we're dodging the main issue here. They both have cooties.
  9. I've heard good things about them. They might be the same as 5ku motors.
  10. First and foremost, the people at ASGI are business men, not techs. There's a rumor floating around that ASGI purposefully does faulty repairs in your guns so you return it to get them repaired more. I personally don't believe in this, due to the aforementioned videos. I remember a few months ago an ASGI rep came on here who said he specialized in AEG upgrades, but I haven't seen him since. I would like to hear what he has to say in defense.
  11. I find it quite amusing when Christians try to give off the impression that they base their faith on reason.
  12. Unless you were around to watch these guys fabricate the bible sitting on a coffee table, don't go spouting stuff like that. It makes you seem very close-minded, and really no better than a close-minded Christian. Yeah, your theory might make sense, but that doesn't mean it's true.
  13. Combat Machine parts aren't high quality, they're just tuned well. Here's hoping you don't want too strenuous of a build.
  14. From some calulations using this, I estimate that you would need a frightening 10 joules of force to have roughly an effective range of 200 feet. That would be a .2 gram BB going 1000+ FPS, which is impossible for a BB that is .2 grams.
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