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  1. I have the AMP Tactical Dual Bungee Sling for M4 (Foliage Green) except in black, and it's so-so. I'm not really a fan of 1 pointers, but it gets the job done. If I were you, I'd get the OE TECH Dual Bungee Sling Set (OD) because it has a quick attach/ detach system with the buckle. That way, you don't have to keep it on the sling if it's hindering you, but if you have to transition to your sidearm or go hands-free, then it's really quick to just buckle it onto the sling. Hope that helps!
  2. I don't really like OD, I've always preferred tan if someone is going two-tone. But if you like OD, it's all good Also, I think Magpul ladder rail covers might look better than what you have now. Or even better, get some mixes of XTM rail colors in different colors, and digi it. Some people did that in the M4/M16 Photo Gallery, and I think it adds a cool effect to the gun.
  3. Made a four hour drive the night before for an OP, checked into the hotel, began to check all my gear/load my mags, and realized I didn't have a charger. All my batteries were dead. Thank god there was a charging station at the field....
  4. I don't know for sure whether you're a Marine or not. I know many Marines, and since I'm still in high school I can't enlist yet, but something else I noticed is all the Marines I know capitalize it when they type it because it shows the proper respect it deserves. Then again it could just be being lazy (even though I know few if any Marines with that trait) or you don't care that much (I'd be hard pressed to find a Marine with lacking respect for the Corps though). Just my 2 cents.
  5. 9/10 On your Masada. The only reason for no 10/10 is because I'm not a fan of the small red dot you have mounted. I think an acog would do a bit more justice.
  6. Well, after many headaches, may I introduce my KWA KMK12 MOD0 SPR. Just waiting on the King Arms SPR barrel extension and it's good to go. Internals: EDGI 6.01mm TBB Guarder SP130 Bravo AMU 2 Shooting 500 FPS- Confirmed hit at 260 feet so far. Externals: Dboys MK12 Kit KA Pistol Grip G&P Trigger Guard Leapers 3-9x50 Mil-Dot Scope UTG Bipod Let me know what you guys think!
  7. I don't know if you've thought of this or not, and I know you said you wanted upgrades, but with 500$, why not just get something like a KWA M16, or even the SR12? Full metal body, trades, the works. All you would have to do then is get a downgraded spring for the FPS you are looking for, and you would still have an extra ~90$ with which you get get a nice ACOG or even customize the M16 externally or something. Be forewarned though, KWA rifles are extremely picky about certain aftermarket external parts, such as their gearboxes only fit in KWA receivers, but you wouldn't have to upgrade the rifle at all to have a rifle lipo ready shooting 23~BPS and the FPS you desire.
  8. Title says it all. Note: IT MUST BE 2ND GEN, So I can fit my 2nd gen gearbox in it. Lower receiver only, thats all I need.
  9. Out of curiosity... did you, um.... underhand throw a grenade? just curious
  10. Theoretically, if the Marines picked their shots and killed all the generals and high ranking officers, then there would be so much confusion, the British wouldn't stand a chance. That would lower their morale, so the outcome would still be in the Marines favor.
  11. I say wait till September and get the new KWA SR12, seeing as KWA has some of the strongest guns, internally and externally, there will be less to upgrade. The only issue with KWA is compatibility. But that shouldn't be too much trouble, if you do the research.
  12. KWA All the way, who's going to pay 1000$+ on a PTW when you can get a KWA that is as good (if not +/- 150$ on upgrades) for unders 500$?
  13. Hey guys, just trying to decide what mid caps to get for my soon to have KWA M16 and I was curious if anyone knows how the King Arms VN mid caps work in them. Just wanted to make sure before I buy. And if you guys have a better suggestion for my M16, feel free.
  14. I think that if people want to have a loadout that's out-of-the-ordinary, then let them go for it. If everyone has US Army or Russian loadout, why not go Taliban?
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