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  1. I used to own a JG gun, the external were actually very good but it did not have any trademarks, letters, logos, etc... Never own echo one so can't really say but it just like the JG with trademark on it. It did sound quite fishy that CA gun had a lower rating than Echo 1. I have never actually got to see or hold a Classic Army gun so I don't know. Went to both Evike and ASGI but Evike put CA gun in case so I couldn't hold one and I don't know what one look like in the first place. Thanks for the input!
  2. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...products_id=844 (Scroll down on bottom, comparison chart) Almost every review of either an M4 or G36c, and most CA gun have a much lower score than similar brand. What is ironic is that ASGI said the gun got an overall of 4 on the same page as their gun. It really show the honesty of ASGI yet one wonder does this hurt their sales? Is this enough proof, I see this all the time and I question CA as a high end brand. Please discuss.
  3. What are you talking about? JG has one for $120 here the link http://www.airsoftpost.com/project-full-si...le-p-31148.html
  4. Really? School doesn't start until the 24th for me, about another month or so.
  5. What does KWA, SRC. G&P, CYMA (are the above true)?, UTG, ICS, AGM, D-Boy, ARES
  6. I'm a military geek, I must wear uniform. Full truspec multicam loadout!!! But in your case, there will be exception!!!
  7. BDU.com is the authorize seller of all Propper gear. BDU.com is an excellent place to buy clothing with a full 30 day customer satisfaction return policy. They also ship clothes to law enforcement and military soldier as well, just thought you would like to know.
  8. Tm p90 is hand down the best P90 on the market. I don't like the fact that it is ABS plastic like all Tm gun but it is highly accurate and actually a lot better than other p90 on the market. A friend of mine has one and in CQC, he hit me most of the times. Well Cyma CM046 is a really good gun. I also try that gun as well from a fellow airsofter and the external are quite beautiful for a clone. Real wood, real metal, and a pnuemic (spell wrong) working blow back system makes it worth the price of admission itself. This blowback is the same as the one on G&G M4 and is the most reliable blowback for an AEG I have ever use, and it doesn't break down the gearbox or piston like other blowback system. If you go with a clone, always get a CYMA AK over a Dboy, AK is CYMA specialty. However if you have the money, get a G&G because over the quality will be better. Like someone above me suggested, if you want the most realistic looking AK, look no further than the one from REAL SWORD. I read somewhere that their external are the exact same one as the real steel AK, and it can take a beating through snow/dirt and even fire after a truck ran over it. Hope that answer your questions Good luck mate.
  9. My item is on pre-order and it a custom gun so they don't know when it will be done. It is estimate to be September 4, but there is no guaranteed that my gun will be part of that shipment, which worry me. Now that is funny! Don't I probably won't do it, wouldn't match with my personality unless... Actually it has, they had a shipment on 8/10/09, but very few made it into store, and I'm pretty sure the people who got that shipment order months ahead. What G4 are you planning to get, mine is list under my siggy. Unfortunately Too bad it the summer eh? My next gun will some kind of gas blowback pistol or an SMG. Thanks for the support! I should change my siggy, I have already sold my JG m4 so I don't have any gearbox to work with. OMG that what I been doing the whole time. I already have it plan out now money is the only real issue. I'm going to put a prommy tbb, eotech scope replica scope (TAN), MAG 130 round mid-cap (TAN), Vertical grip with bipod in TAN as well, a new paintjob, magpul rail cover, and equip my old flashlight and laser.
  10. It been almost 1 month and a half and I don't know when I will receive my gun. I want it so bad that everyday I would check my email to see if maybe oh just maybe ASGI have ship it out to me. It really tough cause at the moment I don't have a single airsoft gun and I can't really play. What do you guys do to pass the time, I can't wait to see what it look like first hand and to try it out in the field. My worst fear would be that the gun arrive after summer end for me and I will have to wait till Christmas to see it. I don't know what to do but just wait it out. I'm not even sure if mine will be in one of their next shipment. Do you guys think the G4 is one of the best bang for your buck offer for a airsoft gun or do you think there are other better offer elsewhere? It taking forever
  11. http://www.airsoftpost.com/type-scope-airs...rt-p-30043.html versus http://www.airsoftpost.com/action-limited-...th-p-29589.html Are the difference only in look or do they function differently?
  12. Do you save a lot of money on airsoft purchases around Christmas? Do store like EVIKE and ASGI sell a lot cheaper or a little or none at all during their Christmas sales or around there if they have one? Thanks Sorry my grammar is bad.
  13. Some people say CA is a mpeg, some say they are high end, what is it? I didn't forget about VFC, I list it under and "other high end companies", I also forgot to mention G&P as well. But what is consider a high end? G&P internal are not that great and a couple of people I know who have G&P usually have to upgrade it after a few thousand round cause their was something wrong with it. Do you consider a high end companies the one who make good external but OK internal or vice versa, or both? What I want to know is how accurate an Ares gun is let say oppose to a KWA? Not meant to be a flame war, it can be if people start to act immature. Please list the pro and con, that is one reason why I started this thread. Well what I want to know is how would a gun like Real Sword be compare to a KWA or G&G in term of accuracy and distance? Thanks for the quick overview of those company, really appreciate it. I know it just your opinion or fact but it really help other people. You would buy a CA over a G&G and KWA. I personally have not seen a CA gun first hand so I can't say that their external are nicer than G&G. Thanks for the overview. I was wondering what type of gun TM make best, and now I know! This is not a G&G vs KWA debate as there are plenty of those already. What I want to know is how do other gun companies are compare to G&G and KWA in term of accuracy and range? Are they better, are they worst, or are the same? Good example, would help if u know some of their con and pro. What are each company specialty? I did forget but I listed them under "other high end companies". What exactly is LCT, I'm just talking about AEG. This is not a flame war if people act mature. I think it would be a good help for airsoft beginner like myself to understand more about different brand. I don't believe the information regarding brand pin is much help because it really just one person opinion, and every year new release are made and like CYMA for instance. They now are one of the better mpeg on the market. They might even be high end some day if they keep their effort up. So far lot of CA suggestion, I will take a look at CA external now, It still a hong kong/China brand which worry me though. How accurate and how much range would u rate your King arms on a scale of 1-10? G&P was listed under high end companies, but their external may be the best, but their internal are not. Would they still be consider a high end? Like imagine if JG made beautiful external but internal are the same, would you instantly call them high end? I think internal are a more important factor in determinate which companies make high end guns. That is one of the question up for debate. Personally internals are more important, but ugly external will turn people away as well. Please list your reason why. I find that TM gun are all ABS plastic (which I don't like) and they don't have nice external IMO. Please list their pro and con ( I do know that not all STAR product may be the same). Also which STAR gun is it, from what I read they use plastic gearbox?
  14. thanks for the suggestion. If I do go the G36 series route, I would pick up the KWA. I am actually surprise and feel kinda stupid for being so ignorant. I was reading up on SRC and their G36 internal are great but their external are awesome. Would you consider SRC to be a high end brand then? I'm always confuse about SRC/TSD, on one hand their bb's are extremely well made and one of my favorites. Woah HANG ON A MINUTE, are hong kong retailer reliable? I have always shop either from ASGI or Evike and never anyone else. I just check the price of all ARES gun and I am shock, quite flabbergasted. An Ares L85 for $181? I'm worry because only Star makes L85, and they are not that great, so I'm worry they might scam me. Real Sword gun seem to be at normal price, but Ares gun are so cheap. Site like Ehobbyasia I have never taken a look. Unless the total cost of the product and shipping is still cheaper than American retailer? And if so why are they cheaper, are they factory direct? thanks Stealthmaster14 Your suggestion really open my eye
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