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  1. Yes, I can. Link Hope you don't mind Chinglish.
  2. That's a sick L96 you've got there woogie. I know this is kinda off topic, but: Could somebody PM me some pics of a tiger stripe stencil.
  3. I don't know how many shots you'd get with that tank, but I'd go for the CO2 Quick Changers. Brainplay got 3 mags on one 12g CO2 cartridge. Not to mention that you could fit your rig in a Shooter's Pouch.
  4. Really? On their website it states that the receiver is for the cylinder. Not the piston. Could someone back this up?
  5. Yes, I know I have a topic about this already, but it's from a few months back, and I'm going to order soon. So, I'd like to know what you guys think. Now as far as I know, It's 100% VSR-10 compatible. Mags, Internals, Externals, Everything. After researching, for a bit, I came up with an Upgrade List: 1. PDI 1st & 2nd Sear 2. PDI Bore Up Hard Piston ( Should I go Vacuum Piston?) 3. PDI Spring Guide 4. PDI 200% Spring ( What's the FPS on this?) 5. Barrel ( Recommendations?) 6. Hop-Up ( Noobie's) 7. TM VSR-10 Mags 8. TM VSR-10 Scope Rail Feel free to recommend other parts I might need. My main question is: What kind of range would this set up get me? Sorry if I've been asking a lot lately, I just can't make up my mind. Thanks, SAS
  6. Let us know how good the quality of that barrel is. Also you might want to check out noobnarb's thread, and do some of the free mods talked about there. So far you've got a good start, but next you might want to set up a CO2/HPA Rig. PM Brainplay if you have questions on that. He's a big help!
  7. The closest "legit" airsoft field I know of is in Sweetwater. About a 30 min. drive from here. But I believe Arcade Bounce, off of N. Lee Highway, is building or has built a airsoft field. I don't know if it's CQB or Field, but I'm having to go there in a couple of weeks for something, so I guess I'll check it out.
  8. PM Fatboy589 , I believe he had a A&K SR25. As for the JG, I didn't know JG even made a SR25.
  9. Simple. Go for the Bar-10, but if you really must have a KJW. Go to the Tanaka Subforum, and check out my upgrade thread, noobnard's thread, and also checkout Brainplay's HPA/CO2 Guide(Mad props to him)because you'll want a CO2/HPA Rig, which will cost anywhere from $85-120. The KJW will literally cost you an arm and a leg. Hint:
  10. Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but something has recently come up and I will not be able to get the KJW. You've all been a big help, and I'd like to keep this tread open so everyone can use it.
  11. Thanks Brainplay! You're always a big help. As for the ASGI barrel, I was just on their site, and discovered they don't make a 6.03 barrel for the PSG1. However, they do have a 6.01 barrel for the KJW M700 & PSG1 for under $50! It's manufactured by a company called Masamune , but I believe the specs for it were designed by ASGI. I'll get one, and see how good the quality is. But, even if its not DBC quality, for that price it's a steal. SAS
  12. Sadly, I don't have anything right now ,but this will be my load out. KJW M700 w/ CO2 Rig Tiger Stripe BDUs Backpack 100 Feet of Paracord Food & Water Radio w/ Headset *Flashlight* SOG Knife 10x25 Monocular 3-9x40 NC Star Scope No ghille suit for me. But I am going to make a ghille blanket/cover. That's all I can think of for right now.
  13. I was planning on getting the non-takedown anyway. Barrel spacers added. Anyone know of a guide on how to make those?
  14. After lots of researching,thinking, and deciding. I'm going to get the KJW M700. I have a upgrade path, but I want to know what you guys think of it. A. Internal Upgrades 1.G&G Striker Spring 2.KA Hop-up Bucking 3.SCS Hop-up Nub 4.G&G Rubber Set (Where do you install this?) 5.Gas Route Spring ( What US retailers carry this item?) 6. Airsoft Gi PSG1 6.03 Inner Barrel ?? G&G Plunger Set ( Is this needed? )?? B. DIY Mods 1.Teflon Tape the Hop-up 2.CO2/HPA System a.Aim Shock Paintball Regulator b.Coiled Hose c.CO2 Changer d. Fixtures 3. Barrel Spacers C. External Upgrades 1. KA Silencer Adapter 2. Madbull Gemtech Silencer ( I'd like one that makes the gun quieter. Will this one work? ) This what I have got so far, but this list is not set in stone so, feel free to recommend something else. Thanks, SAS P.S. What bb weight should I use? I was thinking about Madbull .40s
  15. Tanaka, eh. Install a HPA/CO2 System and you'll be fine in any temperature.
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