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  1. I have a CA sr25 with 2 mags, scope, QD suppressor, and upgraded. Hitting 450 fps with .2's. Pm me or text 3617427592.
  2. I am a reliable and reputable tech, Pm me and we can discuss the situation.
  3. I want to know what you did your engraving with.
  4. Or for $450 shipped with insurance you can buy my pre-upgraded CA sr 25, with 2 highcaps, qd suppressor and 3-9x scope ;)
  5. as for why tms barrels are good at 6.08 is their quality of their barrels ;)
  6. their jg bamfs are the worst of their line, stay clear of it. Too many issues, had one as a base model for a customer of mine that he picked out. Just horribad.
  7. its a hit and miss, ill honestly only buy their aks
  8. What gun and what guy, I may know some sort of contact for some people since I am part of third coast airsoft which most Texas airsofters are apart of.
  9. I have a upgraded Classic army sr25 with 2 mags, 3-9x scope and a qd suppressor for sell for $450 shipped with insurance. pm me if interested.
  10. Yes people still need upgrade services but if your out of date on everything you must catch up and practice again so that your not giving bad tech work.
  11. The last one looks like the release tooth of a piston lol
  12. I have a classic army sr25 comes with a scope,2 mags and preupgraded hitting 450 fps. I am asking is $425 shipped. Mosfet,redone internals,tightbore. Feel free to pm me or text me at 3617427592 if you are interested. It is in 9/10 great condition, not painted and has suppressor.
  13. Easy solution, send it to a tech to get it fixed and might as well get it tuned in the process.
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