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  1. Thank you for the replys. I think I'll go with the G&G reinforced...
  2. Hey, I own a G&G GR16 (M4 replica) and my piston's all worn up. Could you give me a recommendation for a new durable piston ?
  3. Hi, my team captain decided to change the team's name. Any suggestions ? I'd perfer a Spartan-related name, but any nice-sounding name will fit... Thanks in advance!
  4. It should fit, but I really suggest you buy from this site: http://www.cheapbatterypacks.com/tstuff/v7...sp?sid=1665267#
  5. I own a KLS AK74 (or RS01). I use a 9.6v 1500mAh stick type Intellect battery, and I'm very satisfied. The charger is a bit expensive. I suggest you buy this one: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/bol-mini-batter...pe-adaptor.html (Just pick the one with the right adaptor for your sockets) In addition to this discharger: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/bb-battery/batt...-4-8v-9-6v.html These two works just fine for me. You should discharge your battery every 3-4 charges.
  6. Meirson

    Coke Or Pepsi?

    Dr. Pepper for me
  7. Meirson

    Battery died

    Where did I say that the fact that it's more expensive means it's better ?
  8. Meirson

    Battery died

    You shouldn't get a cheap charger. Yes, most of them does have a balanced port, but the don't actually balance the charge as they should. You should spend those 45 bucks on the charger I suggested. It's worth it.
  9. Meirson

    Battery died

    I'd go for this Lipo one: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/bb-battery/batt...amiya-plug.html With a proper charger, such as this one: http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/store/u...alancer/Charger And a power supply for the charger: http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/store/u...5A_Power_Supply Stacks up for a bit more that 55$, but it's worth it...
  10. I think that charger dosen't have a balanced charging port, so you should get another one...
  11. My personal (real) pistol is a USP. It's ok. :-)
  12. As a person who's served the IDF army for about five years, fought in the last war at Gaza, and was an officer - I don't think you should join the army. Go to college, have a better life mate. The army is rough. Your commanders will be shmocks. Your superior officers will be even greater shmocks. Trust me... being an officer, its not what it seems... A lot of young people talks about the army in such terms: "A will kick B's arse", "but ofcourse A is better then B", etc etc. That's not the reason you should join any armed force. The reason you join is... I don't know how to explain. Here in Israel, its mandatory, but you don't join the army only because it's mandatory. You join for your country, to give something back. The army has given me lots of good things (like the ability to run 10 kilometers - never thought I could do that), but it whooped my and beat me to the ground ten times for every one good thing I got. If you're doing this for the salary, I don't think its the right reason. If you want a good, respectable job, go to college, have a degree. Because army life, and being an officer... it's not easy mate. Just remember this one thing - everything is not what it seems. Many people put out pictures of tanks, of rocket launchers, of M249's, etc etc. Know that in real life, to serve in a tank is a nightmare. A complete nightmare. Know that carrying an M249, MAG, or even a Negev, is a complete nightmare. Hell, even my TAR21 was a complete nightmare! Don't get fooled for motivators and "cool" pictures or stories. A solider's life are not easy... If you still decide you want to join the army, post it here. I can give you some tips that will make you're life a bit easier...
  13. No, I'm talking about a way to aim your gun. Porbably the best way. Anyways since you don't know it I promise ill upload a photographed topic in Monday when ill recive my AEG back :-)
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