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  1. I have an a&k sr-25 and it shoots 440 fps and my friend was going to sell me madbull .36 bbs for cheap cause he wants to get rid of them so I tried 10 of them out and didn't see much of a difference between my .25s and them and that surprised me, also the hop up was fully on and they were falling down way too early. do u think I should get them for my gun? also my goal is to get it shooting 500+ fps so would it be good idea to have them for when I get there
  2. everyone would have barrett 50 cals with ghillie, oh ya
  3. so im thinking I'll get a a&k sr25, 3x9 scope, .28g bb's, scs nub, and madbull 590mm 6.03 barrel. would this be able to reach out to 200ft
  4. what's the best length barrel for a full length a&k sr25
  5. would it be possible to get an a&k sr25 urx and put the sr25 silencer on it? the echo 1 er25k is pretty much the same thing with a silencer and I really like crane stocks and I don't like the normal m16 stock, so what do u think I could do
  6. so pretty much what im getting is the jg is definently not as good as the a&k. since we're on this topic I had another question about ak sr25's, is the urx version just as good as the regular sr25
  7. is there much of a difference between the jg sr25 and the a&k sr25? whats the better gun
  8. I simply want to know what this gun can do and if its worth $310. is it a good gun to buy http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5123
  9. so the gun and a m120 spring is all I need to perform well against other high end aegs?
  10. how far do u think it can accuratly shoot and what would u suggest I buy with it to make it a decent dmr
  11. this airsoftgi g4-a5 looks like a good buy to me cause I want a gun with a longer barrell and lots of rail space and it already comes with a tight bore barrell. is it good? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5319
  12. I would have used asgi but they don't carry a m14 ebr under $200
  13. so on novemeber 16, I ordered a kart m14 ebr from evike and was thinking of upgrading everything I found crappy in the internals. the gun was listed as in stock so I ordered it, but it was put on back order and they set a pre order on it for december 15 and I called them and they said they should have it then. so I waited untill then and checked the site and they had moved the pre order back to january 10 so I called them again and they said they should have it then... so I waited and january 10 came and guess what happened, they moved the pre order back to january 30... so its january 15 now and its been 60 days exactly since I've ordered it and im really mad at my stupid situation... now im just thinking I should just cancel the order and get something else, so what do I do now
  14. ok, I realize that the cyma m14 perfomes much better but my question is that would purchasing the cyma m14 gearbox make a kart m14 ebr perform like the cyma. if not what would be needed do be purchased, hopefully the total is under $100 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5657
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