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  1. If you could get these to fit into a M240 Contact mag. Myself, and a few others would be interested.
  2. really looking for the externals/stock, and fire selectors for a polarstar build. Just prefer unpainted, but with most of the hardware intact.
  3. looking for a bolt on one thats compatable with the Ares/Well G96 series, (I belive its a clamp on 23mm) Was looking for a proper one before shelling out for a PDI/Clone.
  4. As the title reference. Prefer Gen 3, and black, but painted/gen 4 etc would be fine. Also looking for Well/Ares G96 mags/Stripper clips that and either a guarder, well, or ares G96 muzzle break.
  5. its just of the VFC scars. only HPA users really can get away with changing grips on the scars, outside of that making a custom armature/or a spacer at the base of the motor with a shorter motor spring. its really not that advantagous on a VFC scar (dboys scar h included)
  6. you. Really shouldn't be worried about PE, although, just makesure aoe is good, and the sector won't engage the 2nd or 3rd tooth early. If thats a shs/lonex/acm Gearset, Keep your existing bevel gear. give it a go should run more then fine even with great compression. just like with all builds, keep the barrel clean/use good bb's and shouldn't have to worry about a trainwreck happening.
  7. with it still being a generally new system, you might be best checking out eagle 6, Impulse 101, Echigoya shop, or Firesupport out. Like the Marui AA-12 secondary market parts are still a bit hard to come across atm.
  8. that bullgear chamber for sure, and allowing use of aftermarket nubs, and with that. A lonex, Guarder or Systema Airseal nozzle. As for Cylinder/cylinder head. best going with Deepfire, or agian Guarder/systema. or even VFC if you can pull them up. If you REALLY want to push it past 450 fps. consider getting Seigetek gears 18:1 or 21:1, an Retro Arms piston, and Lipo charger/ 11.1c 30c 2000+mah batteries. I reccomend agianst the matrix springs as they loose there tension rapidlly. usually drop to half of there rated fps once there "broken in". But realise this. the Stock A&K m249 is a litteral train-wreck out of the box. and normally an upgrade plateform. I'd reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally recommend going for a G&P M249, unless you know your way around a gearbox. or have an experinced technician working on it/helping you in person. And I hope your using Full seal just incase, as at that velocity it can cause serious harm with indiviuals if used irresponsibly.
  9. Best off using the IL boards, as Tumbleweed here, and the WI boards have been dead for over a year. (litterally)
  10. they take Cyma/Matrix SVD mags. As for the dial on the hop-up unit yes. out of the box. it has compression issues/some nubs have been coming from the factory with flash on the nubs, and the bucking covered in acm green slime. (this is for 2 I've rebuilt for clients, and one for myself). picked them up day 1 when they where available on Evike. They take Real Sword spec Gears, Nozzle, Short motors. 19 tooth half rack pistons. Easier to work on then an EBR. However if not new to teching it will be frustrating. You'll end up needing a T8,9, AND 10 Driver bit/hex wrench, and a Set of metric Wrenches to dissasemble to the gearbox. I no-longer have mine, as I traded it away after doign a wolverine install for a Marui AA-12 and a slew of sledgehammer mags. But disassembly requires removing the rear sight, Unscrewing the front 2 screws in-front of the trigger guard. In addition to the normal Cyma/S&T dissasembly. Just bear in mind there is an Internal transfer bar for the trigger. and the cross pin safety will slide out on dissasembly. Outside of that. the Huge thing you want to get ahold of is a Real Sword nozzle, or if you have access to a lathe, pick up an Mp5k nozzle (mp5 short). and mill it down roughly 1-1.5mm (obviously measure first). The stock gears/piston are okay. but don't push them too much past 460 FPS for any length of time.
  11. like every we ever they can take VSR-10 buckings, But stock I wouldn't hold it as a compition trainer unless your trying to build muscle memory. That being said. a good bucking does not cost much, and its not hard to swap out.
  12. thanks for the heads up. Edited the OP.
  13. on the piston on these.... if you use a wider o-ring, you can accually help compression... However too thick, and it pretty much does nothing good, and the nozzle will bind on the piston head. wish I had a better explination. But every build varies, as QC on the guarder kits where good, but there where several that dropped in, others that needed extensive fit/finish. on the plus side. its not like a Dragon or 5ku where you have to litterally finish machining the kit to be used.
  14. if your feeling sporting, and have a file/dremel. you can accually convert the Scar-H to sr-25 mags. and then run from either PTS unicorns, G&P-P&J, and G&G midcaps. ad never have to deal with the VFC mags agian.
  15. Terrible. get like all 26 rounds off, mabye another 3 after a reload =P. Running cut down 150% recoil springs, stock hammer (didn't have any issues running propane when the temps where in the upper 90s this summer. im sure if wasn't so lazy and polished the slide/frame rails it would improve. However the report and performance is more then excellent. and worth the trade off =P. Also all compression innards where switched with Laylax/Guarder parts :3 Don't have to worry about blowing the front section of the nozzle off.
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