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  1. Doesnt have to work, but has to be cosmetically in good shape. Looking for one, possibly two for the right offer. Please PM me offers since Im not on this site as often as I used to be. Thanks guys!
  2. just need the mounting screw, but I'll take a whole mount if you have it. name your price, within reason. none of that "it fits my aeg m14 so it might fit the WE" bullsh*t.... been down that road too often. must be manufactured for the we m14. PM me with offers, I'm ready to paypal.
  3. thanks for the info bud. <AT>admin, not sure how well this will float over, I have two issues with it. 1. elite status AS IT STANDS NOW is not in my mind worth paying for. sure there is the extended pm inbox, but other than that, what do you get? access to the elite forums (which seemed to have died down SIGNIFICANTLY over the past year). I would suggest looking into ways to make elite status more valuable. 2. if these changes do take place, I would recommend moving the military topic OUT of the elite forums. I sure as heck am not going to pay to post in elite forums as they stand now, but losing the chance to help out guys looking into joining the service, or to help members currently in the service is an invaluable asset, especially as a combat veteran myself. I have no problem with paying to access certain forums, but I strongly feel that a military forum dedicated to answering questions and helping service members should NOT require a pay account. just my .02, don't take it too seriously, I'm just an airsofter. good luck with these changes admin, regardless of how they turn out.
  4. I may have misunderstood the email, but is elite status now requiring payment as well?
  5. at&t motorola atrix 2, lightly used, with charger. interested?
  6. do you still have the original stock and foregrip?
  7. free bump... anyone trying to get into the gbbr market should jump on that woc, great price and great condition.
  8. do you have the fake pearl grips for this as well?
  9. is the we body painted tan or was it purchased that color? any interest in a maruzen mp5k gbb smg with m4 stock and 1 mag?
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