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  1. I have JUST enough room for my 50mm scope cap. But it's just for photographic purposes...I stuck a 3-9 Center Point on there now.
  2. =] your gearbox thanks you too. Never hurts to ask questions like these.
  3. I like the wood on the left one, but I REALLY hate that grip (however original it may be lol). But I'm likin the sling and the mag bag. 5/10 on the left AK, 8/10 on the bottom one. it just looks like you opened a can of whoop-arse and stuck it on your floor. That's something chuck norris would use if he lost his legs and arms. He'd shoot it with his teeth and hit you 2 miles away. and yes, it's posted like a million places.
  4. Motor oil = bad for airsoft. That's why it's called motor oil, it goes only in your car's motor. A very light coating of moly-lithium grease is good. It's thick, puts a protective coating on your gears, and doesn't fling off or evaporate. I use it on my real steel AR-15 which gets MUCH hotter than any airsoft gun... Like brylcreem said "a little dab'll do ya!"
  5. alas, there is another use for Great Stuff...The buttstock has a removable pad. There is a BIG cavity in there to fill with it. Then there are a couple other spots I want to fill. I don't care about the spacers, it shoots fine...I hit a robin at 120 feet just to see if I could LOL Sure enough, hit it and 'thump'
  6. Usually the carry handle or an NC Star mark 3 scope. EDIT: New paint on Lola
  7. No on the scope paint because I use this scope with my AR15 real steel. Bipod is currenly on the AR15... :)
  8. What about expanding foam? and I was unaware madbull barrels were also made for the vsr.
  9. I have a feeling that would slide due to it's nature of slipperiness, and I'd need several rolls of it.
  10. Thanks guys! I can see it now... sniper: "it's a sniper!" spotter: "no it's not, it's just a birdwatcher." sniper: "nuh uh" spotter: "yes huh" now only if I could make it shoot well. What are yalls thoughts on barrel bushings? Electrical tape doesn't work so well in the heat. It's a clone of the "Pro sniper" TM vsr. Thoughts on barrels? I'm VERY limited money wise, MAYBE $25 / week, so if I can cut corners somewhere without sacrificing too much quality. I already have around 500 fps and a firefly. Bent barrel sucks.
  11. JG Bar-10 got repainted because I was sick of the last paint job: Yeah so this is my first sponge paint job using OD, Khaki, and Brown Ultra-flat Krylon spray paint, a scotch-brite sponge, and a milk jug cap I had laying in the kitchen. Also ran out of the dark paint, I didn't think I could make it but I tried anyway, got the body at least. You wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you, right? First I took it all apart and realized how stupid my bent barrel is, it'll be replaced when I get $$. After I got through that mess, I wiped everything down with acetone. Then, I hung the body and barrel assembly minus FCG (fire control group), cylinder, and barrel on a hanger outside and primed it all with Krylon white primer just in case. After that, I painted it all khaki with 5" OD stripes and 5" khaki stripes, roughly. Then for about 1 hour I got down to business with a sponge, dipped it in the milk cap and worked the whole thing. I let it dry for another hour, then put it all together wishing I had an AEG barrel, polar star spacers, and the VSR to AEG hop up apparatus... After being sad for a minute, I went outside and begrudgingly took photos of my work. Rate? Comments?
  12. Letje, the F2000. Yeah it doesn't have tri rails. It's very ergonomic the way it is. I'd really like a knockoff Eotech or ACOG (if I can find mine...) for this.
  13. Body part switch, and better photo.
  14. Scope is on my real steel AR-15...she's bare on top and I lowered her to the mid 300s for the time being. Thought my "kentucky windage" patch was appropriate here.
  15. If you have a tripod, it's very useful, and a good lens if you have a dslr. Try to use the lowest iso and a longer shutter speed for smoother, less grainy photos. Don't get hyped up with the megapixels of a camera. 6 mp is fine for 800x600 pictures on a monitor but you probably won't get the macro for very fine details at extremely close ranges. if you take a good picture you won't need photoshop.
  16. Yes you need full auto, but only if you shoot in full auto. That pretty much answers the question.
  17. I do push to that point. ;) and things broke all the time getting up to that point.
  18. if this is the case just take a file and file the grooves and rails of the PISTON down.... Also when you do the slide test, clean out all lube and take off the o-ring. I'd also test it with only the sector gear in. Sometimes the gear will just NOT match the shell/piston combo no matter what and will require an enormous amount of torque to let the piston slide past. happened with my guarder IFTU set (with both a classic army shell, a guarder shell, and a jg shell and with guarder, systema, classic army, G&G, JG, and src pistons [ 18 combinations] and took days to figure out ). Sat just a bit high and always caused issues.
  19. I cringe at having all metal teeth on my pistons as that is my fail point in my guns. + you can always shave the teeth down to correct for AOE and clearance and stuff. Never used those above though, but Id stick with the cream and order several and replace them when they are broken.
  20. Well you're taking that risk when you buy anything electronic really.
  21. ...spray paint. Since you know how to take it all apart, get a couple coat hangers, a couple cans of white primer and matte black krylon, and some 400 grit sandpaper to roughen up the smooth parts from use and you'll be set.
  22. I don't even know why you'd change the gears. It's tuned pretty much perfectly from the factory.
  23. make sure the nozzle sits in the groove in the tappet plate. Make sure your gearbox is fully seated where it should be, also make sure your o-rings are all in place and your hop up rubber isn't torn up.
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