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  1. I used matrix bbs for a long time. they're fine, unless you're looking for tack driving accuracy at 100 feet... Good enough for a torso shot though if you fire 5 you'll probably hit 1-3.
  2. ^what he said or use a lower powered battery and lay off the trigger. I'd go for an sw-ab-long mosfet from extreme-fire. It should provide everything you need. Idk about other options, never used them.
  3. well...depending on the 16 gauge wire, it would have lower resistance than the stock wire, but probably not much. I use Deans wet noodle wire because it bends more easily than some other wire, and also offers the low resistance for peak performance. Deans style connectors last almost infinitely longer than the Tamiya plugs your stock guns come with (they don't melt either). They offer much less resistance than Tamiya plugs. It's also good if your motor has the wires soldered to it, but that's dependent on the gun because v2 gearboxes usually can't do that without too much trouble. And the Deans plugs don't ever not connect. Ever dealt with 4P molex connectors on a computer yeah, no more of that. In short, your gun will have better performance for longer. Rate of fire, probably 1-3 bb /second at most.
  4. Oddly, you can have either a type 0 or a type 1 depending on your setup. I run a type 1 in Lorelei with a 509mm tbb. She shoots 430 almost right on the dot with a m130 spring. I don't have to worry about my box breaking in the front though. To change it from carbine to rifle you need a new outer barrel, preferably a new inner barrel or your bb's will hit the outer barrel before they exit thanks to hop up, flash hider or suppressor, front sight or gas block, handguard. Or if you want to go the cheaper route, get a new inner barrel, outer barrel, and rifle length handguard and switch parts you already have such as the sight and flash hider. I recommend a Madbull Black Python Version 2 509mm (no relation to v2 gearbox).
  5. There are lots of factors that could come into play here. How long was he on the trigger? What size spring was in it? what's the mass of the piston/head assembly? Rate of fire? Bubble in the shell? By the looks of things, it split on the top first, which leads me to believe that too much power or ROF was involved. Maybe it got upgraded without your knowledge? Pot metal isn't necessarily a bad thing. Aluminum will shear easier than steel, and if quality control is lacking, then you're going to have problems down the road. That's just the nature of the beast. Ford vs Lexus.
  6. Just as good as anything else. Why pay more for the same performance? I use nothing but madbull v2 BPs.
  7. yup, the nub is about 50% too big. the only thing I'd do is either get an SCS spacer or use one of your old nubs that work just as well. Or you could file down your level to make it fit, which I wouldn't do.
  8. The Plug Will do Runner. The collection will increase when I get a better paying job than this minimum wage crap and if CA Senate Bill 798 fails to pass. If it passes, well, I'm duracoating a pdw hello kitty pink. EDIT: Lorelei runs 430 fps.
  9. define crap? Mine has given me consistent results compared with both madbull and xcortech chronos. My batteries have been working for MONTHS. Fidragon may not look as cool but it's still functional and quite a bit cheaper.
  10. Ah, yes, the weak point of any airsoft spring operated gun (the piston assy) I'd rather break a plastic piston or head than a gear or motor. I had 1 head crack, but 4 pistons strip. happens.
  11. Go right on ahead. I think I'd trust you with my guns because it looks like you know how to treat them and not bang them around. I got tired of taking the wires out and screwing the other gun's wires in. It took too long and I didn't have the money for another cheetah so I'm like where can I find a 4 wire plug and I came across Deans micro. btw....did you know THAT'S YOUR 1000TH POST!?! :D
  12. for some reason, I never trust second hand guns. Real steel or airsoft. I'm beginning to think that way about cars too because all too many people never change their oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, headlight fluid, coolant, and they crash because they text.
  13. And someone posted without a pic to rate yet again. So I'm going to have to rate shwells again. +1 for originality on the one with the hat. 8/10 on the others because it's something I haven't seen before, and is something I would rock, and 7/10 on the last one because peq boxes are the bane of beauty. This is Letje, my G&G G2010. Stock but it has an extreme-fire cheetah in it, 16g Deans silicone wire, and deans plugs. 22 rps at 325, semi only but probably 18 rps at 425 fps. The only time it failed me was when I forgot to connect the battery. Be warned though, she has the ability to do your taxes! Ever seen those people and you're thinking "Is that a guy or a girl? Is that a kid or an adult? Straight or otherwise?" Well...this is Lorelei. I have all KINDS of setups for her ranging from 300 fps carbine to 500 fps rifle length or anything in between. She failed all the time before I finally got her stable with correct shimming, motor height, and a tough enough piston, which took forever to get right. Right now she's sitting at 450.
  14. Where do you get your funding? Columbian cocaine exports?
  15. IDK if the KA would be able to handle that battery right off the bat, but the rest of the parts should be just fine. The JG SAYS it's lipo ready, but you should just crack open the gearbox and replace all the crappy lubricant and shim it well before you use it. Otherwise I'd go the king arms route.
  16. First of all, I'd like to say I'm sorry for the plain carpet background. Every other gun I've seen is photographed with huge camo layouts and stuff...which I'm too lazy to dig out. 1) Letje She is my current gun. Still a G&G G2010. Gearbox is stock, never taken the box apart. I have rewired the gun, to include a dockable (thanks to mini-deans) Extreme-Fire Cheetah MOSFET and deans plugs. It also includes a madbull tightbore barrel and a systema hop up bucking. Runs anywhere from 325-425, but right now runs 350 (±2 fps) with .20g for small field usage. Only fielded once since I got it (chairsofting for several months :P) Here's a glimpse of the dockable MOSFET that hooks up to my next gun. 2) Lorelei This started out as a JG M4 RIS back in the winter of 2009. I have an carbine front end/setup, and 2 rifle-length front ends/setups for her. I have NUMEROUS upgrade parts for her, too many to list actually, but she runs 450 fps right now. I run the cheetah in her as well. Her name apparently means 'murmuring rock' in German and is symbolic of a woman who lived on a rock in the Rhine river and lured fishermen to their deaths with her song. HOW AWESOME HUH!? 3) Lola My first 'real' airsoft gun. Also JG, she's a BAR-10. Got her the summer of 2009. Upgraded her to the max to shoot 500 fps. No tightbore barrel yet though. I don't shoot her enough. 4) Liesa A Cybergun MP40, stock, yes even stock tamiya plugs. Bought this down at the Gander Mountain back when I didn't know about strictly AIRSOFT places. A German weapon at heart, and just had to have a German name. Since I'm a Christian, her name means God is my oath. Drilled holes on top for an optic mount, but decided later to remove it. I let a friend use it and he lost the front end in the field. Never found it, so it looks like crap now. 5) Luisa A KJW m9. Stock but I have done some polishing on wearable metal parts to make them slide more freely. 6) Big Bertha A UTG M3L 3 round burst shotgun. Pretty much my Medic Gun (or a gun when I play medic.) It's light, holds a few rounds, and easy to maneuver in buildings. Also, it can take abuse. Just your standard UTG M3L. 7) Bond...James Bond. Actually, Idk if I'll name this one. Probably just Golden Gun (even though the Golden Gun looks totally different). I use this for matches where I'm a VIP. lol... strikingly enough it shoots rather well for a $30...er...free gun! :D
  17. I find that I get better horizontal placement if I have hop up turned on. thanks to the gyroscopic forces on the BB preventing it from veering sideways and going in a straighter path overall. The farther you shoot though the more precession you're going to have. To fix barrel wobble, use shipping label as spacers to tighten the gap, or electrical tape (but labels are easier to remove). Internals probably would not have any effect on accuracy other than power changes which affect groupings.
  18. I have the same issue with the same mosfet, but I have a high torque motor (2 AMP T5000L motors, results the same) and I'm heavy on the trigger shooting just above 400 fps. so if you are heavy on the trigger and expend a mag a minute, then it's not the fet or the wiring, it's your usage and the work your motor does. Also your shimming could be off by just a smidge. Airborne has something here about the power needed to trip the fuse. You don't really have a choice in the fuses though as it's built in because resistance varies by gun. Try to watch your fire and do about 1/4 mag a min, or use a lighter spring. That frayed wire probably isn't the issue. look for frayed wire touching metal because that's what causes shorts.
  19. I use an Extreme Fire Cheetah...I use it because it's plug and play, if all your guns are wired like mine with a mini deans, and because it has semi-auto restriction (for my DMRs) but also a whole slew of features I use. I made mine dockable so I can move it from gun to gun. But for your purposes I'd go sw-ab long.
  20. SWEET LOOKIN PIECE!! I love that compensator!
  21. what was said above. good thing you didn't start a fire by throwing a 100+ degree object outside.
  22. if it's inner barrel wobble, and wobbling at the business end, take some adhesive shipping labels and wrap around the barrel to where there is very little play, sort of like a spacer. I did this to my Golden PPK and boy did it improve accuracy at 15 feet (probably more so on mine than yours because of the shorter 2" barrel). if it's outer barrel wobble there could be some play in the joint where the outer barrel meets the receiver and there could be some set screws that need tightened or something.
  23. The only thing I've ever used is madbull and they have NEVER failed me through so many rounds. So I vote madbull.
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