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    WW2 GI 99inf, USAF, USAF Aircrew, and USAF Sniper Impersonations -Thompson w/ drum and stick clips (AEG) -Custom built M4 (many different mods including Sniper, CQB, and field.(AEG) -MP5K (AEG) -UZI (GAS) -1919 30. cal (AEG) -Type 96 Sniper (Spring) -Glock 17 (GAS) - ASGI custom KJW 1911 W/ silencer (GAS) -colt 45. single action (GAS) -Madbull Grenade launcher (GAS) -
  1. For sale is 4 KWA 20 rd mags that are brand new/never used. 3 are still in the bag 1 is loose but the seal is still intact meaning it hasn't been used. $30 ea or $110 for the lot. - Paypal only. - I can ship within 24 hrs. - Buyer pays shipping of their choice. - I will consider trades. - Thank you for looking and have a great Christmas!
  2. M99 Snow Wolf. Body is good. Internals need some work but from what I can tell it's %90 there.
  3. See something you like? PM me with an offer. Paypal only. No trades except for the Madbull AGX.
  4. I need a Bravo AMU 3 MOSFET programming (not installation) manual. I lost mine and can't remember how to program 3 rd burst. I searched Google multiple times with no joy and now I'm desperate so I will pay you $5 via paypal if you can help me out. I don't care if you mail it, PM me, or send me a link.
  5. Yah I saw that. Thank you but I'm looking for the programming guide.
  6. I lost the manual to my Bravo AMU 3 MOSFET. Can someone scan me a copy. I already searched Google with no results.
  7. Looking to upgrade my M11a1 NS2. If you have any non-stock upgrade parts, (inner barrel, metal body, etc) please hit me up.
  8. WTS: KWA/KSC Glock Boneyard. Parts from a Glock 18c and Glock 17. Also included are three mags. One working G18c mag. One working G17 mag. One non-working G17 mag (needs new valve). $50 takes all. NO PARTING. I want it all gone! PayPal only. No trades.
  9. WTS: One Madbull AGX launcher. Can be mounted on a rail or used as a stand alone. Asking $130. Retail is $200. I will pay for shipping. No problems or blemishes. Also throwing in a USAF Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) bottle ignitor canister to sweeten the deal.
  10. Does anyone have any experience upgrading a KJW Tactical .22? I'm looking into getting one and I need to know what parts are compatible with it. What type of TB inner barrel would work in it? What internal parts can I upgrade?
  11. I have a CQB kit for sale. G&P stubby killer front end, metal Zombat body, crane stock, a red dot, and pistol grip, Just needs a gearbox, motor, and hop-up. Interested?
  12. I have a boneyard Galaxy MP5k I could sell you for cheap. I think the gearbox seized up but I just don't want it anymore.
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