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  1. I need a tactical laser and flashlight to attach onto my m4 for close quarters. My field is about 100 ft + or - 15-20 ft (not exactly sure ) My laser needs to be easy to zero, if not, little difficulty. Should it be a red or green? Not sure, but does it come down to a preference? The flashlight needs to produce a straight, bright, cornea burning, beam of light maybe not that powerful but you get the picture My budget.. I can spend money. Maybe a few hundred dollars. I will have a job Any suggestions? Your help is appreciated
  2. I own a lil' echo1 stag m4 close quarters. I am trying to learn how to take it apart, so far so good till now. The lower receiver has not been able to be taken off due to the motor The piston is all the way back but I have tried firing it to put it in different positions, yet the motor still will not move out. So what can I do?
  3. What is the length of the barrel of this pistol?
  4. any shotgun that works like a real pump action (sorta) Magazine w/ shells that each pump loads one shell and ejects a spent shell like ten rounds per shot it would have to run on propane some crazy mechanism for loading the shells accurately
  5. how much fps would that high flow get me?
  6. Okay I read through the sticky thread on this gun, and I wanted it I don't know any upgrades as far as valves and such. Can anyone help me out?
  7. Yeah I was wondering mostly for close quarters because I think I might be doing that most of the time. Post why I guess
  8. I would go out fighting... I always carry a broken spring action pistol that so far has a 1:1 kill ratio. The time I dropped it, it fired and hit me and broke. I was the first blood I am not even kidding true story
  9. It's an echo1, should I be worried about replacing anything like gears?
  10. This rifle is usually at 400 fps, but the close quarters area I bought this from swapped some springs to make it about 300 fps I want more ROF and accuracy for this gun. It needs to stay at or below 300 fps Any suggestions? your help is appreciated
  11. Me and my freind are making a set up for a sniping team, I will be using my mp5 and he will use his g36c. Side arm/AEG: Jg Mp5 A5 RAS Upgrades: Prometheus TB Guarder 110 spring G&P m120 high speed motor ICS hop up chamber for mp5 Systema bucking with SCS nub OR kwa 2gx Lipo hook up (suggestions? and a battery box to hold it ) Airsoft Elite .25g bbs Guarder FTK for Mp5 Going to re shim it Should I get anything like a new gear set? Shims? Bushings? Friends G36c main gun: Upgrades: Prometheus TB Guarder 110 spring G&P standard motor Systema bucking with SCS nub OR kwa 2gx Lipo hook up (suggestions? and a battery box to hold it ) Airsoft Elite .25g bbs New Hop up chamber? Guarder FTK for G36c Going to re shim it Should I get anything like a new gear set? Shims? Bushings? Thanks for your input
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