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  1. This is not an auction site.. Please post a price.
  2. Has a title States I am looking for a DMR or spr. I'm really only looking to spend around $250. But let me know what you got regardless.
  3. Offer up. Worst I can say is no
  4. Don't be afraid to make me an offer. The worst I can do is scream extremely loud at you...
  5. Breezy, You can attached a file and or http://tinypic.com
  6. 1.PayPal only 2. Shipping via UPS (buyer pays) 3. No trades atm 9mm metal bearing gear box Wired MOSFET 21:1 ratio gears Stainless steel bore up cylinder 6.03 inner barrel Quick change spring Low resistance wiring Deans wiring connectors Lipo ready Deans to Tamiya adapter included Polymer SAW style motor grip Custom rails Custom dust cover Dboy m203 5 hi-caps Painted camo I am honestly not sure I want to even sell at this point. As, I am starting to really enjoy the setup. But, money is tight and I want other project. Only issue at the moment is the hopup lever broke off, so you have to use your finger nail to switch the hopup. Other than that she has no issues. I would like to get $350 for the whole setup.
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