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  1. To be honest I am as surprised as everyone here. I won't go into a major story here because, I actually just pushed those memories to the back of my mind and that's where they stayed. It started with AJ agreeing to do some major "tech work" I was sending someone I didn't know $800 worth of parts and guns. It wasn't the smartest idea but, it sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He agreed to do the work extremely cheap. So, that's what I did I sent him out the guns. Several weeks went by and AJ explaining he didn't have time or something came up. He did keep me updated however, it was a very uphill battle trying to get information or what he was doing most times. After about a month or two? Im can't remember, I had gotten fed up and asked for my items again, another battle eventually I would received my items. I was actually beyond happy even though a lot of the items, hadn't even been touched. One gearbox that he did Upgrades on, for me, my one and only major DMR project. Everything to me seemed perfect. So, I ended up selling said gun. Problem and problem with the buyer not being able to fix said gun I was shocked, come to find out said buyer opened a complaint about me. This, became a major, major, issue. $400 or so later and a loss of a gun, and my reputation here on ASF I stepped down as a mod because of said actions of AGE which in fact never stood up for me. HOWEVER! Yesterday out of the blue. AGE contacts me apologizing for said actions and, to be honest I had put that past me. Yes, to this day I still feel like I will never gain what I lost. But, AGE was more then willing to compensate my lost from over three years ago. And, he did his generosity exceeded my loss. I am blown away, My father always said, only real men will fix a problem, even when that man has let time slip away. Anyone who goes out of their way to fix a problem and stay by it to me, deserves forgiveness, and that is what I am doing. Would I ever do business with him? I am more then willing to give another person who can stand up and say I made a mistake, another chance. A great guy, and he did something that a lot of would never do. A+ to AGE or AJ.
  2. Rules 1. I take Paypal only, if for some reason I decide I will agree to receive a check or money via mail. It is not my responsibility after said item is mailed. Shipping in NOT include in the prices (Because of the weight and size please provide me with a zipcode) 2. I ship USPS! Tracking will always included. It is your responsibility to ask for insurance. After said item is shipped, again not my responsibility. I will take countless picture before shipping, to insure everything was packaged safely. However, for some reason an item comes broken, I will gladly help to work with the situation. 3. At this point, not trades. 4. All items are listed are prices ive done countless hours of reasearch on! I may have not been in the game for 3years but I know the prices of them! I will gladly take "OBO" However! Do not lowball me! 5. Again, I will mention everything I know about said guns, I have tested these myself, that's why I have such a price on them. I will gladly take a video or picture, just please ask! 6. I will NOT part out! Any question, please ask. Sorry for the semi-blurry pictures.
  3. So, a friend of mine is moving to another country for business. And, is basically selling me his airsoft guns. However, I have no idea what's their worth. I don't play anymore, so I figured I would purchase to sell. Most are high end stuff. From a TM p90 and mp5 to what looks like a CA m249. And then some. I won't list everything. I don't have that much $$$. But, I'm not going to buy unless I can sell.
  4. More information is needed. If you would like to personally PM me then please do.
  5. I would keep the dispute opened. Did he send the package as soon as you opened the dispute?
  6. I am going to allow for this thread to remain open. However, only as evidence here. As, I am still reading threw most of this thread. If it turns into an argument between buyer, and seller. I will close it down and ask it be taken to PM and email. I only ask this be used as EVIDENCE not a flame war.
  7. 1. Paypal only 2. Buyer pays for shipping 3. No trades 4. Everything is best offer. Just, no low balling. Condor? Tactical buttstock pad/cheek raiser. (Tan) On one side can hold extra mags, ammo, etc. $30.00 UTG 4 Red dot Reflex sight. Used it on my reel steal. Just, isn't what I need anymore. $30.00 (Needs new battery) Blackhawk Sig 229 CQB holster *New* just out of package. $40.00 Motorola CLS 1100 (Includes two headsets) Run $150 new (Needs charger) $50.00 Condor (Tan) Triple AK pouch) $15.00 Harris Bipod (One of the mount pins broke- Pin that connects to rifle) But, this is an easy fix or an easy solution. (Still very, very solid on a rifle however. $45.00
  8. 1. Paypal Only 2. I ship UPS or Fedex 3. Prices are firm, as they are low enough 4. No trades. Mossbeg 500/590 20" tube and spring Both new, Never used. $30.00 Blackhawk CQB holster for a SIG 229 $30.00 Mossbeg 500/590 Stock adapter (Allows the use of a m4 buffer tube/stock and pistol grip) $30.00 Ak47 TAPCO AK Intrafuse T6 6 Position Collapsible Stock $30.00 Harris Bipod One of the connecting pins broke off, still extremely solid $60.00 Stock kit: Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock Buffer spring Buffer Buffer tube Castle nut Stock plate $80.00
  9. Everything sold has been removed CQB holster BB's Red dot As is, letting everything else go for $55 shipped.
  10. I really don't want to part out. This is a perfect deal! You're basically getting stuff free
  11. CQB holster sold! Now selling package for $85.00 shipped That's everything you see $85.00 shipped. Don't let a deal like this slip away! I will be moving soon and need this stuff gone!
  12. Bump! Everything seen $100 shipped!
  13. $100 shipped for everything pictured. Wicked good deal!
  14. Literally willing to sell this everything you see for $100 shipped. Just want everything gone!
  15. Rid my closet of this stuff. Make some offers. Trades? Rail covers Tactical flashlight Scopes 4x or more
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