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  1. Bump, Everything still available.
  2. 1. Paypal only! 2. Shipping via UPS 3. No trades... First up is a Mossberg, Remington, collapsible stock. Feels really nice shooting it with slugs. Just not my style anymore. Only mounted and shot twice. Noting wrong with it. Just don't want this kinda stock on my mossberg. $60.00 shipped (Includes mounting screws) Next is Colt 1911 punisher grips in OD purchased several months ago. Went threw hell to find them. Feels amazing. But, decided to sell my 1911. $45.00 shipped (I do not know if this will fit your airsoft gun! If it is specs to a colt or colt clone then yes, it will.)
  3. mrbacon. Please do not quote the whole post. And the Ghillie is store bought, and a little home made.
  4. So, after 3 months of pure hell. Loosing my grandfather, braking up with my girlfriend after 4yrs. Life was just a big kick in the you know what. So, I really would like to get some good back into my life. But with that I need to sell some stuff to get some cash. 1. Paypal is the only form of payment I take. 2. Shipping via UPS or USPS 3. No trades, No "Part outs" 4. Prices stay. No OBO! Apologizes for the pictures (Color pics on request) 1. Magpul Grip (Does need a bottem cover and screws) $14.00 shipped 2. Admin pouch (Tan) $12.00 shipped UTG Ak47 scope mount *NEW* never used. $17.00 shipped Magpul AFG (TAN) $20.00 shipped RIFLESCOPE: Scope 3x32 meant for reel steal, works amazing. Very cool for somone who wants a scope but doesn't want something that big. $65.00 Unknown Ghillie: Will cover entire torse. Woodland. Soft netting with removable dyed nots. $28.00 Shipped ACU Uniform set TOP: Medium Regular Bottem: Waist 28-32 $25.00 shipped WW2 Russin Mag pouch. Real leather: Dark tan in color $28.00 shipped Two point (Tan) sling $12.00 MAP pouch (OD) $18.00 shipped
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