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  1. Bump Feeding tray. Still needed. Anyone?
  2. Bump still looking for "stubby killer" front end or something of that size
  3. I really wish I had caught you about 2weeks ago. Got a m249 now for fairly cheap to. Thanks everyone Please close thread
  4. Ok, I have no idea what war it was from never mind what country it came from. But the look of it. It has two tubes coming out from each side. If anyone knows it would help. Sorry for the lack of explanation I have no idea Thats why im asking
  5. My friend has a E1 Ak47 RIS. His looking for. Extra mags. and he really needs a butt plate
  6. Looking for m249 parts as its said Bought a mk11 for cheap now, id like it to make it into a para Sliding stock, RIS hatch. short barrel, Let me know.
  7. AKs m4s etc. anything as long as their ok externally. PM with what you got and whats wrong with it and how much your asking. Thanks guys
  8. Bump. Also looking for TM mp5 SD5 RIS
  9. Bump. All g36 parts obtained m4 ive got the barrel still looking for RIS.
  10. Ok heres what im looking for. g36 I need the screw that goes in behind the buttstock Rails Also need the screw that screws into the side of the gun that holds the gearbox in place. m4 Lookin for a short ris system something like the stubby killer. RIS,barrel, pretty much the whole front end. Thanks. PM me
  11. Ive looked everywhere. Id go about and saving up the money. But those things coast well over 300 and for a CA its more like 500. At times it would be worth it. But $500 on a AEG? early Bump
  12. I looking for a m249. Not looking to really spend much money What I have to trade. TM m4 parts list Tokyo Marui EG-MAX EG-1000 Motor Mad Bull tightbore (363mm) Technician Recommend - MATRIX Angel A.E.G. Upgrade Spring - M120 Spring Element Reinforced 300% Torque Flat Spur Gear Set Also have Replica acog A&K wide up box mag 2 high caps Id also add in money Also looking to trade A drum set. PM me
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