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  1. The event is June 29th at 7521 Delvan Hill rd Sedro-Woolley, I would advise checking out this website to see what the event is about. There you can find out the teams, time, and cost of the event. http://airsoftpacific.com/calendar.php?mod...9&year=2013
  2. The only place that I know of is TAC TAC in Tacoma. It is an indoor airsoft field, other than that there are other fields but they only host games.
  3. Finally doing an event in Skagit Valley. The name of the game is The Breakout, the field is at The Mill in Sedro-Woolley. Visit "The Breakout" for more details about the event.
  4. I don't believe they are open anymore. I think I am about the only that host events close to Whatcom, Sedro-Woolley. If anyone is near the area let me know I am gladly willing to invite anyone. Also I am hosting an event the 29th of June at The Mill, 125 acre property that is filled with junk and woods.
  5. Try going to AirsoftPacific.com most of the people there are from Oregon. Plus they have awesome events down there, not too far from where you live. I live in Washington and always seem to be going down there for events.
  6. Most of the area is forest, there are a couple roads and a pond. There is a section of a saw mill part, lots of machinery, cars, and overall junk. At one point you will find a logged section, my father and his brothers own a logging company. My grandpa usually is there tinkering with things and adding more junk to his collection. Once I have permission, the 125 acres is shared between my dad and three of his brothers, I will move things around and create a better airsoft field. I have created an event for June 29th, you can check it out at http://airsoftpacific.com/calendar.php?mod...9&year=2013 or search for the group "Skagit Valley Airsoft Group" on facebook. Hope this information has been helpfull.
  7. Ok well I am having a game this weekend at 10:30, the address is 7521 Delvan Hill rd Sedro-Woolley if you would like to come. I am pushing to get an actual organized event by the end of June. I will be letting people know about by the end of this week. Also I will most likely post the event on airsoftpacific.com so check up on updates.
  8. Just realized want weekend that is and going to move the game back a week to June 1st.
  9. Hey letting people in and around Skagit Valley know that I am hosting a skirmish at an Old Saw mill on 05/25/13 pm if you are interested. Anyone under 18 let me know so I can email the waiver for you. There is no fee but I will have a donation jar out so I can help build my facility into a place where I can host amazing events. Lets get things going in Skagit Valley.
  10. Oh, thanks for your input. The reason I was thinking BDU vs non-BDU was so that it made it easy for people to know who is friendly and who is not. If anyone wants to see the field I am hosting a skirmish the 9th of March, I am trying to use more of the area but the problem I have is that a lot of the places is covered with brush and sticker bushes.
  11. Not sure because I think I might let Milsim West use my field to host one of their events. That is if all things go well with them.
  12. So I plan on hosting an event this summer at my Saw Mill. I was wondering about how many people would I expect to show up for this event. The field is 125 acres and is mostly wooded with about 5 acres that is used to store junk and a run down saw mill. I have a scenario in mind and it would be BDUs vs. Non-BDU for the uniform to make it easy to identify friend from foe. There will be locations that each team must capture to give their team points to win a game and points used for money. The money will be for the Command leader, there will be one for each team, to spend on items at the merchant shop. There will be a variety of different things available for purchase, one thing I had in mind was medics. When purchased there would be give tape for the medics to revive downed players. Only 10 players are allowed to be the medics and are decided upon the Command leaders. Also to note that each capture point will give different amounts of points and some will give more money than career points (used to win the game). This is just some of the stuff I plan to have in my event. So is anyone interested into coming?
  13. Just found out what stippling is and was kind of curious about how many people actually stipple their guns or mags. What is the best way to get a nice stipple, I have a fine point solder so I am not worried about that part, like techniques and designs.
  14. In my opinion you might be able to wire it to the rear but you might need extra length on your wires to fit correctly and reach your battery.
  15. If you don't mind driving I host some games in Sedro-Woolley, it is an old saw mill that has 125 acres and provides a variety of different scenarios. Other than that you can find some games off of meetup.com.
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