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  1. Managed to partially strip my motor plate screw holes. Lower receiver only, not looking for any other parts for it at this time
  2. Bump! Anyone with M14 pieces sitting around?I
  3. I M looking for a new bolt and a replacement for that little metal flap on the shell ejection port for my CYMA M14. Oh the woes of pot metal. If you don't know what parts I am referring to I would be willing to take pictures. I could also use a replacement for that curvy metal tab that covers over the top of the hop up and sits under the bolt. Thanks!
  4. Title says it all. Just need a good old long high torque motor. SHS, JG... Will consider various brands-- just has to have minimal wear and tear. Will toss in a few extra bucks for quick response and fast shipping!
  5. Title pretty much says it. Fixing up a friends gun and I would like to get these relatively cheaply. Can paypal ASAP
  6. You indicated you wouldn't want this whole box but let me know if you see any items in here that interest you: http://www.maapr.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f...94&p=188012
  7. Would love to find a cheap M14 scope mount. CYMA would be just fine. Also an aimpoint magnifier-- anywhere from 3x, 4x, or 5x would be great. For trade I have almost all internals from a CYMA M14, a CM028a, and a TSD CO2 nbb 1911
  8. I was under the impression that motor mount was somehow proprietary because of the change in angle and therefore the motor was too, but am doubting this now. Unfortunately this option is still outside of what I am able to spend for this project :( For most folks I agree with you this would probably be the most practical option.
  9. That would be the most straightforward solution I suppose, thank you for the suggestion. I COULD get that... but that's a pretty steep price to make my gun green and ugly. It also forces me to use a G&P 120 motor and change my wiring scheme which I have already customized to me liking. :/ I'm thinking maybe a small hole in the stock that I can fit a long bolt through that would run through the bottom hole of an AK grip. Secure it with washers and nuts. Couple that with epoxy around the edges of the grip and hopefully I'd have a solid connection. Anyone who has added a DIY pistol grip to a rifle around here?
  10. So I've tuned my CYMA M14 Socom just to where I want it internally. I can generally hit what I want it to. Currently the only addition I've made externally is to throw an aimpoint on the front rail. Recently the ergonomics of the M14 have just been irking me. I've been wondering if there might be a way I could rig a pistol grip and a vertical foregrip onto it to make it more comfortable to handle. I would definitely need to do this on the cheap if it's going to happen. Most likely I'll just mull on this for a while and end up doing nothing because I don't want to ruin my gun, but maybe you could convince me it's do-able. If someone has done this, I'd certainly like to see pictures of the results. Let's start with the pistol grip: I've read through this thread-- http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/M14-Pist...d#entry18404272 Basically the conclusion seems to be that an AK pistol grip could be epoxied or otherwise attached in the space around where the motor is housed. This seems feasible to me, though I'd want to work on reinforcing that as much as possible. I could buy an AK grip for pretty cheap. Other ideas are welcome. Vertical Foregrip: I'd rather not buy a whole RIS. I think there's two other ways to come at this. Either buy a stud to put in the small hole in the foregrip (like this: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...ducts_id=30453) and attach a grip that way. On that note, could anyone direct me to a grip that I could attach like that? Alternatively I could just get a rail and attach it to the underside using epoxy or with the screws on the forward sling mount. I'd rather not drill into the underside of the stock. Yeah-- I realize it might be ugly. Yes, I realize I could have just bought an EBR in the first place. But MAYBE it could be awesome, and make my M14 easier to handle. Any help you can provide on how to make it happen would be appreciated.
  11. Top priority is to get a new bucking (Systema preferred) ASAP and I would rather not spend $10 to get it shipped from ASGI. Thought I saw someone on here selling Systema buckings for $5 so I would definitely pick a couple of those up at that price. EDIT: Please keep in mind I can buy a new Guarder bucking for $8 shipped from airsoft post. Let me know if you can beat that! Looking to pick up a CYMA AEP (cm030 and cm122 preferred). Have a CYMA AK and a TSD CO2 pistol for trade on this one. Last but not least I need a new M14 air nozzle with o-ring (TM/CYMA compatible) Thanks for looking
  12. <AT>Lefse-- Well even though the barrel I installed is 'more than twice as long', it is only 119mm longer. The cylinder that I used is supposed to contain enough volume to fill a 420mm barrel so I don't think I would need to resort to an unported cylinder. Why did I install a longer barrel? Why does anybody? I went from a 110mm stock brass barrel to a 229mm Madbull 6.03. Improved accuracy. <AT>Buppus-- That's a good point. I was really only considering cylinder volume, not the fact that a sorbo pad would actually reduce how much space the piston has to accelerate. 5-10 fps is definitely not a big deal though, and this is for a CQB gun anyhow.
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