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  1. I've got an ics mp5. Not sure about the fps... I think it's a bit over 300. I can downgrade the compression a bit, that should get it under 300. Bunch of internal upgrades, and running about 23-25 rps. Exernally a bit beat up though. PM me if you're interested.
  2. I've got exactly what you're looking for. ICS MP5, metal body, sliding stock, upgraded, and (almost) all problems external. PM coming your way.
  3. Well it's not an Echo 1, but I've got a ICS MP5 with a sliding stock and some internal upgrades I could sell for 125 plus shipping. LMK, I will PM you pics if interested.
  4. Here's the description: Not sure how to put images into the post so... Everything Broken Handle Handguard Magazines I've tried 175, 150, 125. Nothing. What would you consider this worth?
  5. Agreed. But I have a MP5 with a sliding stock I could trade for the AUG plus some cash. LMK if you're interested
  6. Bump. How did you manage to get the receiver onto the MP5?
  7. Hey, I've got an ICS MP5 w/ retractable stock, but I'm not really interested in the pistol. Would you be able to buy it? PM sent as well
  8. I have not bought a BW yet, but I know friends who have one in their guns and I am definitely considering it. The basic reason is simplicity. For those people who know how to solder, a high tech mosfet is likely the better option. But the majority of people do not have enough skill to solder one into a wiring system, let alone get the gearbox open in some cases. With the BW, you can control the burst, rate of fire, essentially most things a computerized fet could do for half the price and much easier installation. And in the long run, you will also be glad you don't have to buy 3 or 4 fet's instead of simply switching the BW between guns.
  9. If you can afford it and just want a gun you won't have to touch at all, go for the KWA.
  10. So obviously it'd be above the price range of a JG MP5, but I have an ICS mp5 with a bunch of internal upgrades, 3 mags, and a good battery which I can sell for 150 + shipping.
  11. SF, you have no idea how jealous I am of you. Out of the 4 or 5 guns I absolutely would kill to have, you have 3, with the remaining two being an AUG and maybe a P90. So jealous, lol. For actual content, if you ever find a guide with an E-F mosfet on an AUG I'd be interested in reading it.
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