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  1. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! lol. Don't use a paper product. It will scratch your barrel. Use something made of cotton. If you have .22 barrel cleaning patches, those should work.
  2. I think you are thinking of the SIG 552, The SIG 556 is a rebrand of CYMA. Speaking of CYMA, from my rather limited experience with them, their AK's are great.
  3. Simeon

    Smart Charger

    Well, I charged a battery and nothing exploded so I think I'm fine lol. Thanks
  4. Simeon

    Smart Charger

    So I finally got a smart charger just before I put up my guns for the winter, used it a couple times and put it away. This morning I took it out, plugged it in and started hearing this noise. Best way I can describe it is like a hissing sound. There's no battery or anything plugged in to it. I've got it plugged in right now just hoping it doesn't explode in my room lol. Is this noise normal or is something wrong with my charger?
  5. My P90 locked up on me last summer, and I took it apart and didn't put it back together until now. Somehow it got a little warped and it cracked when I was putting it together, so now I need a need a new GB shell. Thank You!
  6. If he told you, then everyone would make their own and no one would buy from him lol. There are lots of things you can use, just do a little experimentation of your own. I've had some pretty good results from rubber grips from pens.
  7. Alright, thanks guys. I think that answers all my questions.
  8. I don't understand. A few years ago I bought a 9.6v stick and it doesn't fit in my AK. So I recently bought another one from a guy and it doesn't fit in my AK either. Is there something I'm missing? Am I putting it in wrong or do 9.6 sticks just not fit in AK's? If not, what on earth are they for? lol Also, if it doesn't fit, can I just snap a cell off the end and re-solder the connection? Thank you!
  9. I'm repairing my JG SIG 552, and I was wondering what size bushings it uses. I also need a new tappet plate, What brand should I get? Thank you!
  10. I used plastic from an old bb jar as my backing.
  11. I've done it with a good file and it works fine. You just have to take something and clean the edges of the barrel window once you're done (I used an really sharp knife). Just lay the file across the window so that it is taking the same amount of metal off both sides.
  12. Just take a file and ten minutes to make your barrel window deeper.
  13. /\/\ The 19% includes a 10% coupon code, an estimated 7% shipping and the 2% rebate thingy lol. Bolt Actions are no more accurate than AEG's from what I have seen. With a little work I have my pistol shooting almost as far as my stock L96. The only real difference That I can think of is that you have to :censored2: a bolt action, but an AEG :censored2: itself.
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