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  1. Ok thank you! I put I back and screw the oterbarrel in. So I wont crash or loose it!
  2. Hello, I screw the outerballer of my l96 up an there was an Oring between the receiwer and the outerbarrel. whats the use of that ring? If you don't unterstan what I meen I will take a picture! regard Lukas
  3. the problem is I'm from germany and don't whant to pay much shipping just to buy an Edgi barrel... I will ask X-fire because of shipping and tell you. oh and the EDGI Barrels are very expensive..... I can buy the trigger by a german shop, 6 weeks shipping.
  4. So, I've got a Plan First I wait for the reply from the affirmation of the friend who crashed my triggerunit. Anyway I will save money an buy these things: Barrel 6,03 MadBull Triggerunit: Perhabs the king arms or laylex one. HupUp: PDI Unit Thats it first. We play with only 1 Joule so it doesnt make sense to change the Cylinder etc. By the way: what do you think of the Madbull barrel? regards lukas
  5. Ok, no tax thats good! Yes I think a HopUp (PDI), Barrel, Triggerunit (I will wait some weeks, the new seens good) and a endscrew. Prices in Germany/Europe: Trigger: 120€ Barrel: 60 € HopUp: 70 € Screw: 7€ That are the German prices. Perhabs I can safe money when I pay by Xfire, I will ask them! But a friend crashed the trigger Unint, perhabs his insurance will pay a new one......I will see and tell you! regards lukas Edit thats very good, I will ask Xfire because: HopUp (PDI): 42 € Barrel 01: 80-100 € Barrelspace: 10€ Trigger: Screw: 6€ Perhabs a Flashhider..... Some other little things if I Buy there.
  6. One Question: Can I use the old innerbarrel with the PDI HopUp Unit? Perhabs I have to ply it but does it work then? Because I havent enough money to buy the trigger, hopup and barrel ones time....
  7. I've this gun, its really good. Just the ajustable stock is da bit unstable but you can fix it. and its a l96 with another body so you can use all type96 tuning parts!
  8. Ok! First I will buy a new trigger, then safe some money an buy a new innerbarrel an hopup. what shop can you counsel me? Airsofthardware and Stormtec are german shops, I could get all tuningparts there. Is there a better one? EndSrew Hop Up Trigger Should I buy a 6,03 or 6,01 barrel? I think I wont have so much BB problems with the 6,03 , right?
  9. Hello, I'm going to tune up my L96. I read some tuning guides and I have a question: First I will buy a trigger unit, because my is chrashed. Now I need your help: If I buy a new hopup an innerbarrel how much joule shoud the sniper has that it pays? Or doesnÄ´'t it matter how much the sniper has? Because my one has only 1 Joule (because our complet team shoots with 1 joule) and the sniper has our of stock 1,7 joule. so perhabs it doesn'tz pay because the sniper shoots to low. I hope you understand my englisch....I see I have to learn more! greetings from germany, lukas
  10. Hello, I'm a Boy from Germany and I like Airsoft verry much. Ich Found some nice information about my type 96 in this forum so I regitred me. But: My English isnt so good but I trie my best! Greetings Lukas
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