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  1. ODA105 in conjunction with Battlezone Paintball presents OP:Blackout! Following the sucess of OP:Riptide at Ft. Benning, we've teamed up with Gunner at Battlezone to bring you this OP! We are in need of Two Force commanders. If you are willing to serve, please message me with a brief summary of your command experience. When: September 8th, 2012 Pre-Game Safety Brief will begin at 9:00am, with play beginning at 10:00 am. The last round will conclude at 12:00 midnight. Play will be divided into 120 minute "rounds", with a half hour reload and refit pause between each round. There will be a dinner break between day/night play. Where: Battlezone Paintball 3477 King Hall Mill Rd. Bowman Ga 30624 Cost: $25 prereg, $30 at the field. You may preregister through Paypal, oda105ga<AT>gmail.com. Make sure you include which side you'll be playing for! Scenario: On July 18th, 2078, the United States drove the final nail into it's enemies coffin, winning WWIII. The victory, however, came at a cost. In the wake of the war, the country economy collapsed, and the United States of America fell into lawlessness. As chaos sets in across the country, individual communities are forced to fend for themselves. As militas are formed and lines are drawn, the weaker players begin to fall prey to the stronger. Two groups, the (NAMES WILL BE CHOSEN BY FORCE COMMANDERS), establish themselves as the strongest. However, as the two inevitably begin to fight, the question remains: Who will win, and by what means will they obtain victory? Teams: Green Team:Marpat, ACU, Woodland, Tiger Stripe, OD, Flectar, DPM Tan Team:Mulitcam,DCU and similar patterns, Tan, Black, Civilian wear Rules: 1. All operators are expected to follow the "Code of Conduct" 2. CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED 3. All Airsoft Electric Rifles, must chrono at 425 fps or less using a 0.20g BB . All Squad Assault Weapons must chrono at at 450 fps or less using a 0.20g BB. All Sniper Rifles must chrono at 500 fps or less using a .20g BB. ANY READINGS HIGHER THAN THESE WILL IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFY THE GUN. 4. All operators must use approved BBs for that field. 5. All operators must use hard lens type goggle or glasses that have a tight seal around the face and retention strap (must be ANSI Z rated) with no gaps bigger than a pencil eraser. Players younger than 16 (15 and younger) must wear full face protection (iron mask, mesh half mask and eye pro, full mask). 6. FPS limits for this event are hard and non negotiable. Full face protection is REQUIRED for players 15 and under! This is a 14 and up event (Parents must play with 12-13 years old) Examples of acceptable full face protection includes: paintball type masks, full face mesh masks, Iron Face + FlakJak combinations. 6. All hits to the operator's body count as a kill, including web gear 7. Gun hits do not count 8. When you are hit you will die in-place, call out loud “HIT”, display DEAD RAG (either BRIGHT SAFETY ORANGE, YELLOW, or RED) and act as if you have been fatally shot and remain motionless for whatever time period has been established for the game. 9. After the determined scenario briefed bleed out, you will place a red rag on your head, put your gun over your head or on your shoulder with one hand in the air and them move away from the combat area to the respawn area or admin area depending on the scenario design and brief. 10. Dead men do not talk to live operators 11. Dead men do not talk on the radio, not even to say "I'm dead" 12. Dead men do not spectate. They hunker down away from the field of action and contemplate their state. 13. If a dead man suddenly finds himself in a combat zone, he will immediately move to a new secluded area. 14. There is absolutely no shooting at anyone within the minimum safe engagement distance MSD established for your weapon. 15. If you encounter an enemy head-on and you are less than the MSD, you must call either “safety kill” “bang” “surrender” 16. You may “safety kill” an enemy if he is under 20 ft away, and you are behind him with a clear shot and he is unaware of your presence. (1 for 1) If safety killing a group all within 20ft, you are also hit as well (one of them would have shot you in real life). 17. If someone “safety kill” s you, you may refuse if the attacker is within your 20-foot safety zone, but reasonably expect to be shot if you refuse. 18. If any operators have any disputes, they are expected to resolve them in a gentleman-like manner. We do not yell out for others to call their hits, the correct response is “check” or “ref check” 19. Indoors AEGs must be on semi (indoor to indoor shots in the same building), shotguns (non gas) and pistols (GBB) are preferred. Hit Detailed Rules: Hits 1. Hits to any part of your body count as a kill. 2. Hits to any part of your tactical gear or equipment, such as ammo bags, canteen, and pouches, etc. also count as a kill. 3. Rounds that snap vegetation and continue on to hit you count as a kill. (ricochets do not apply) 4. Hits to the gun do not count as a kill. 5. During night play, a hit operator will display their red glow stick to serve as their nighttime dead rag. All players must have a red glow stick.
  2. So, after trying my best to give this thing a go, I can't put up with it anymore. So, I'm selling it. Parting out, to be exact. Just PM me what you're looking for and what you're willing to pay and we'll hash it out. You pay shipping. Gun: Fair warning: All I've had is trouble with this thing. Everything is stock now, minus the gearbox. I removed the blowback components after they broke. Fun, right? Everything is in working order. Like I said, PM me what you what and what you're wanting to pay and I'm sure we can work something out.
  3. Bump. Externals lot is available once again.
  4. Alright! I've accumulated a ton of stuff over the years, and while I've managed to keep it relatively under control, I'm moving here shortly and just need to clean out the closet, so to speak. First, rules: -No, I won't type out everything is the two lot boxes. The reason I did them in lots was I don't have time to do that. -Shipping is NOT included in the price. -I'm open to offers-but no trades! Again, I'm moving and need to clear out the room. First up, my internals stash- There's a variety of V2 & V3 items there. A ton of stuff, perfect for someone like me who always got the call from younger teammates saying "HELP OH GOD MY GUN IS BROKEN." I'm asking $50+shipping. Next, externals lot- Mostly JG/E1 stuff, but there is an old KWA Gen1 metal body in there! Again, just bits that are left over from projects/scrapped guns. Asking $50+shipping as well. Two motors: TM EG1000 and Matrix Magnum (both long type) Not much to say, the TM is fairly used so I'll say $20 plus shipping. As for the Matrix, it's never actually been used! However, once I received it, I noticed the bottom plate was chipped as you can see here: Evike essentially told me to screw myself that it wasn't there problem, so whatever. Asking $20+shipping as well. Lastly, a G&G crane stock- Pretty new, has minimal wear and tear. Asking $25+shipping
  5. All have been sold and shipped. MODS, please close!
  6. Meant to send you a reply, sorry, no I'm not interested. That being said, I need money in a big way so HUGE price drop on the SIG...$150 shipped!
  7. Bump! Need cash FAST, so until tomorrow at midnight, the SIG will be $200 and the GSPEC $60!!!
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