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  1. This doesn't surprise me. So UTG Mk96??
  2. hmmm...100fps??? ya know, those little loading tubes do over 100fps when you blow a bb out of them
  3. Why do you say to avoid Echo 1's?? the m28 has a lot of things going for it like the crap load of accessories it comes with and the fact that most every internal part is VSR-10 compatible.
  4. Hey guys! So after being out of the airsoft world for a couple of years, I've decided to start playing again but I want a new gun to replace my old KJW M700 due to the fact that gas rifles don't work too well up here in the Pacific Northwest. I definitely want a bolt action springer but I'm kind of open to what it is as long as its somewhat cheap and has lots of upgrade parts available. I was looking at UTG Mk96's, Echo 1 M28's, JG Bar-10's, Javelin/Snow Wolf M24, and possibly the A.S.R./SR-2 depending on the updatability. Give me your opinions! Thanks!
  5. Id have to say woodland ACU, but if you're a sniper, a good ghille suit can't be beat.
  6. I use a homemade ghille suit. You'd be surprised at how you can stuff into the side pockets on BDU pants.
  7. Paint the black stuff and blend the colors a little more. Other than that, nicely done.
  8. The JG Bar-10 or UTG L96 are your best bet for an upgradable, budget sniper rifle.
  9. Evike has propane adapters with silicone chambers in them. That basically makes it green gas, but at way cheaper of a price. I use red gas in my KJW M700 for it's high power (too much power for normal pistols) but I'm switching to HPA for consistency.
  10. sniperkid15

    TM L96

    The TM L96 takes most of the VSR parts. I know for sure that it won't take the VSR cylinders, but I think it takes everything else.
  11. Would you be willing to part it out?
  12. Agreed. Plus the Aw-338 is better for sniping.
  13. If this is for GBB pistols, you could probably buy Co2 mags for it. If not, like Mike said, it might explode.
  14. This doesn't have anything to do with HPA, but is there any outer barrels that will work with the KJW M700 non-takedown that are strait? I really hate the dramatic little taper it has right off of the receiver. Also, what psi regulator will I want. All I can find is a 450 psi regulator.
  15. Okay that's what I thought. I've only taken my mag apart a couple times so is there more that just the seal in the back of the mag? And can I just use a spray on silicone?
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