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    2 Cyma AK-47 (frankensteined) ? AK-74 DPMS M-4 (frankensteined) Echo 1 416 UTG L-96 rifle KJW M-700 break down rifle Echo 1 E-90 Well MP-7 (frankensteined) A hybrid MP-5 that uses M series mags. ;) & some generic NBB high cappa CO2 pistol
  1. Received items Gorbasho. Thanks again. Buy his goodies Guys!!!
  2. Just received the spring guides. Good communication and items were just as described to me. Thanks again Locprecision.
  3. Got my second batch of goodies. Once again Great communication, seller, and fast shipping!!!
  4. Thanks everybody. Now the gift Im asking for would be the eagerness and energy of youth!!! ;) Or is that Too much??? Later.
  5. GREAT seller guys! FAST shipping! buy his stuff. Thanks blacklockdown.
  6. PM'd about MP-5 again. Free bumperoo.
  7. Ok...I decided I just HAD to put a different motor in my stock KS P-90. Although the previous motor was fine I decided to see what if... While the motor housing was apart I left, only to return to see my 2 year old nephew playing with the gearbox. I regained control from him, shooed him off to his mom and inspected the gearbox, and my work area, all good. I swapped in a TM hyper 1000 motor and closed it up. After reassembly of motor housing to gearbox, I put power to it and could hear the pinion grinding. So I adjusted the motor adjuster little by little until it stopped...literally! I backed it off and the motor will work, BUT once engaged enough to mesh the gears, it will not work the gearbox. Bad motor? I swapped back to stock, same thing. I adjusted it, same. Power is connected correctly. The gears seem to be spinning freely inside gearbox with the motor housing "lowered", sooooo...? Could the timing be off from rotating the gears? (I doubt it due to the gearbox not being opened) I also don't see any "extra additives" that my nephew could have inserted. What am I overlooking? Thanx guys.
  8. Great seller! Buy the rest of his goodies before I lose the rest of my self control!!! :)
  9. Thanx Guys! Another step closer to how old my body feels after a weekend of combat. 90!!! ;) Keep your targets sighted, and your 6 clear. Munky.
  10. Free bump 4 good parts and a great salesman!!!
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