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  1. Is t-tiger still selling ACM items. Looking UBR or ACS stocks.
  2. wow what a disappointed. why leave the tm bucking design and go hfc. happy. is there a way to use a tm glock hop up to replace the stock one?
  3. im going to trademark the word hamburger and fries so I can make money off the fast food industry.
  4. I totally agree. Is there a Facebook page that I can spread. Seems like Cybergun is run by a group of mafia crooks. not interested in the growth but just fattening there pockets.
  5. Only thing holding me back is replacement parts. Will there be extra nozzle,bolt stop. Is the internals steel?
  6. I have a guarder body Ak. How hard is the installation? Will I need to do alot of modification? Is there a guide?
  7. Is the AK kit available? If I send the AEG. How long will it take for me to recieve it back with the upgrades. And foes it uses aeg bucking and nub? and what are the fps? and is it adjustable?
  8. ill take the rest of the G mags. pmd for payment info.
  9. get a dytac recoil rod/ spring for it. ehobbyasia sells it.
  10. What is the fps on the TM Glock? Does the 6.01 TB provide a good hop?
  11. Did you find out what fps the rm4 will be at?
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