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  1. Found one. Delete Please
  2. As per title, I am looking for a FDE/TAN PEQ15 w/light and laser (NO battery boxes or battery boxes w/laser) MUST BE TAN OR FDE! I'm not picky if it's a FMA or Element brand. Bravo/Matrix are rebrands so those are fine as well. It can have red or green laser I don't mind either, both will work for my intended rifle. I don't care if it's the older PEQ15 style or the newer LA5 model. If at all possible I'd like it to have the pressure pad. I lost one to another rifle and it'd be great to have one to swap between PEQ units. Budget is around $35 I can get new ones for not much more and budget is tight since I kinda overspent on other parts of the build (oops!) PM me with offers and pictures! Thanks!
  3. I sent you a PM....not sure if it went through. Feel free to PM me if it didn't.
  4. Looking for a WE Mk16 SCAR-L in FDE or WE M4 Block II or Mk18 package or possibly a VFC Mk16 SCAR-L AEG. I don't have much money, but I do have a custom built SR47 based off the Evike SOCOM-47 body kit to offer as trade. I think I've spent around $800-850 and can provide a full description for anyone interested in the rifle. Hopefully someone out there's got what I want! Thanks in Advance.
  5. I have a JG Tactical AK full stock (black furniture), RIS handguard, but no mag and no battery so you can keep the batteries. PM if interested.
  6. Looking to make a quick buy here so I won't be looking long. I am looking for a VFC or SEALS/Lancer Tactical/Matrix (same thing) EGLM with the Mk16 and Mk17 trigger groups in FDE only. Unfortunately I know from experience the ARES EGLM will not work with the VFC design so I cannot accept any offers of an ARES ELGM. If you happen to also have the stand-alone launcher platform + the trigger group with the EGLM I'll consider that too! I don't particularly need any shells included, but if the offer is right I will consider shells with the deal.
  7. https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmActio...33;input.action Just for kicks I looked up the code since I've never seen a 93xxxx number. https://www.usps.com/ship/insurance-and-extra-services.htm Scroll down to "Collect on Delivery" ... When I track the number it comes up as "Not Found" meaning it doesn't exist in the USPS system. It doesn't matter how it's created' if at home with the online shipping service or in a post office with a hand written address and registered at the counter, the tracking number does exist at some point. Which probably means its a fake number. That said, I have noticed the USPS tracking system is terrible at updating, I will check log statuses on packages and they have ranged from having multiple arrival/departure status from a facility in the origin city days later than an arrival/departure scan at a mid point or final facility (ready to be put out for delivery); as well as cases where the item somehow is unregistered until delivery (origin scanned and marked, doesn't get an update until it's delivered and then I get a "out for delivery" notice). However, I highly doubt that is the case here, as a valid tracking number has at least shown to exist in the system (no information but USPS doesn't show a "Not Found" error).
  8. Title says it all. It's a bit of a long shot, but I am looking for a VFC SCAR-H 7.62 AAC QD suppressor. Only interested in the afore-mentioned one. Please do not offer me the 5.56 versions I am not interested in them. Suppressor does not need to include the flash hider, but it'd be nice. If interested, I do have a 5.56 version AAC QD suppresor (full trademarks) to trade + cash.
  9. The picture for the Emerson Fast Ballistic is of an IBH?
  10. Unfortunately VFC is the only one to make the gearbox...it was created solely for the HK417 and (so far) has only been used in the HK417. Considering how few have been made (and since the gearbox is usually the first to go) you'll be hard pressed to find one from a member. My best recommendation is to email VFC directly as they are the OEM, or you can try Evike since they apparently "had" the gearbox shell in stock http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=41646 Fair warning though, it will probably break again, just from the pictures the shell has no front reinforcement, which v2 shells are already prone to breaking there. Is there any space for a standard v2 shell to work? If not I dare say anything more than 380FPS will break the VFC shell repeatedly.
  11. I had a WE SCAR-L GBBR (closed bolt) right before the open bolt version came out, and to be honest it definitely wasn't worth what I sold it for. The good thing is the WE SCAR-L (v3 and newer) is a nice rifle, good recoil and the new open bolt is a much needed revision. The problem is the mags, knowing that the WE M4 style mags leak like sieves and are nigh impossible to keep from leaking I would never put much of a price tag on one. The version 1 had an issue with the stock plate sheering off when using CO2 mags, but after that they were fairly good. I also remember an issue with the selector/hammer assembly (mine never had a problem) but I don't know the specifics on it either. Mine was near new (under 100rds through it), RA-Tech NPAS, 3 mags (could never keep them from leaking), aimpoint, vertical grip, I believe I got around $175 or $200 after shipping costs for mine. If that seems acceptable I would say go for it, minus the mags I loved mine and would have preferred to keep it. Take a look on ebay to get an idea of what they are going for, there are piles of them on there every week.
  12. Since the DBOY SCAR-H is a direct clone of the VFC SCAR-H it's pretty much irrelevant. IIRC yes the DBOY has the "wireless" stock like the VFC. That being said there are multiple ways to tell a DBOY SCAR-H from a VFC SCAR-H Starting from the front. - 1 piece outer barrel. I have owned a Gen 1 (no trademarks) DBOY SCAR-H and a Gen 2 DBOY SCAR-H (serial number above the bolt catch) and they seem to have a 1 piece outer barrel, or it's glued on there with epoxy. The DBOY is also painted black. The VFC is a blued steel color and comes off at the gas block with a 1" extension. - Gasblock. The DBOY is painted black, the VFC is a gun metal steel color - Upper receiver. The DBOY is a lightweight aluminum similar to newer VFC SCAR-H's but lacks all trademarks. VFC SCAR-H's originally came with military markings (HK version has FN HERSTAL BELGIUM on it, US version has everything but FN HERSTAL BELGIUM). Newer VFC SCAR's (SCAR-L and SCAR-H) come with "Official FNH trademarks" with a large FNH emblem above the selector switch. - Lower receiver. Virtually the same, you'd have to own both at one time to tell them apart, the DBOY has a tiny bit more flex in it than a VFC - Pistol Grip. One of the more obvious give aways. DBOY is a Ranger Green color, VFC is a khaki tan color. - Stocks. Again almost identical, you'd have to own both to tell the difference. The DBOY has a bit more play in the stock pad/pin than the VFC Internals - Airnozzle spacer. The VFC is a black chunk of metal surrounding the air nozzle. The DBOY is clear plastic. - Air nozzle. The VFC is black and has an o-ring. The DBOY is clear plastic with no o-ring - Gearbox. VFC is gun metal gray and looks like powdered metal (like a G&G metal hopup). The DBOY is painted black is clearly zinc alloy - Motors. Oddly the DBOY is clearly marked as a clone motor. The VFC is unmarked - Wiring. Roughly the same, but there is a minor difference in the pins that make contact with the stock. - Hopup. The DBOY is clear plastic with clear adjustment gears. VFC is clear plastic with black adjustment gears. http://airsoft-lab.proboards.com/index.cgi...y&thread=94 http://airsoft-lab.proboards.com/index.cgi...y&thread=46
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