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Xander Bolanos

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    paintball, airsoft now of course

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    ICS M4, KWA M4, ICS CQB M4,G&P Magpul PTS M4,WE 3.8 HI Capa, KWA M93R, WE Tech Tactical Master Hi Capa, WE Tech 1911 Hi Capa, UTG Sniper, TM Sig P226
  1. glad to see you you’re still around. I know that a cheaper optuon is available but I know someone has what I want collecting dust. Hell I would love to see P228/P226 custom build none of that guarder stuff either.
  2. well I finally stumbled in a marriage, divorce, and cross country move later. So what I miss?
  3. The classifieds look like a ghost town wirh posts from 2016 on the 1st page?. Im looking for GBB pistols and GBB rifles. Specifically FNX45 Sig P226/228 metal only Ksc/Kwa Glock with Trades Salient builds or anything with RS trades in a glock varient. No WE anything thanks M4 or Scar GBBR I have paypal, apple pay, and if you can face to face cash. Im not wet behind the ears and my feedback shows that, so if you have what I want be ready to close a deal as soon as both parties agree on price.
  4. If you decide to sell the G19 after you install the new outer barrel and base plate? Pm me
  5. Looking to buy a Glock with RS trades, don't offer me anything else, unless you have a cheap TM base to build on or KSC. Keep your WE or KJW, not interested!!!! Tan or OD frames are on the top of my list or even colored or silver slides. $350 is my max and for $350 it better be an amazing package, with internals to match including the trigger otherwise $200-$250 is what I've been seeing them sell for.
  6. I honestly would love a tan or olive framed semi auto glock with a metal slide in black or even silver with RS trades. I would even give some thought to a sub compact or full 45. With trademarks. I want something that won't look out of place in my gun vault. Glocks are first, Sig P226 or 229, after that I'm open to anything that is a custom build
  7. Been away for a while, got married and moved cross country. As a result I've been M.I.A. but I'm back and looking to start collecting again. I am looking to buy a modded glock(desert or cb would be preferred) sig, kriss vector or somekind of metal framed upgraded gbb pistol. Please don't offer me a stock metal gbb. I have built several of my own custom GBB sidearms and primaries and am the OP of the Sig P226 build thread. My feedback speaks for itself. I have bought and sold over $20k in gear in my time playing airsoft, so google my name and you'll see I belong to every national and international forum and most state forums for airsoft and paintball in the United states and only 100% positive feedback on all of them. So bring me your wall pieces and field used gbbs I have $350 to spend if its worth it.
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