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  1. LoL I said SHEMS too LoL, Sheesh !! But I meant spacers. I have two or three in my gun. I don't remember. And if I remember correctly, I had the firefly bucking. the one with three nubs on it instead of one big bar nub. That thing was like magic.
  2. Here is a LINK to a huge post all about all the ASR work Myself and others did when the gun first came out. I hope this helps.
  3. Barrel shems are a great idea. They help stabilize the barrel inside the outter barrel. The upgrade kit from Echo one is worth its weight in gold. Its a fantastic upgrade. Make sure you follow the mods advice over at Echo 1 and lighten the piston as well. Its a good, worthwhile, easy upgrade. Search for my posts on the ASR. Me and some guys from here did a whole bunch of work on this gun when it first came out. Our threads are worth reading. Alot of people posted accuracy results and modification steps.
  4. You can use a shooting data sheet to record all your info, like real snipers do. This is one that I modified from a military manual, to be more aplicable to airsoft. ShootingData2.pdf
  5. Ya either a keyboard slip or I was inter-poseing (a word?) my range and my FPS. I often post quickly when Im at work, and some times my brain is involved in more than one thing at once. So ya, my bad. LoL. But Ive posted about my ASR enough times that I think I could pull up posts from when I built it to prove I havent changed my story. LOL Anyway, nice catch on my mis-type.
  6. LoL, No lie, Id call BS on that too. Sorry, no my gun shoots 540 fps last time I checked. And yes I get on Torso at about 240-250 ft.
  7. Lets keep it on Topic people. Either you can and you will, or you cant or you wont. Other than Can and Will, or "here it is" Im not much interested in the "jibber jabber" LoL
  8. I don't care if you use your DMR. Thats cool. But the 100ft thing kinda is the whole "bench mark" if you know what I mean.
  9. 100 ft is good I think. You still have to be steady, you start to have serious effect from wind gusts, and your scope is good needed to get right on target. I think 60ft is to small. I want to keep this challenging. Besides, I shot at 100ft. And Im challenging people to beat that.
  10. Well, honestly I wasnt imagining that most people had a 100 ft range in their back yards. And I wasnt planning on advocating back yard airsoft. So my intent on the co-ordinates of shooting position and target was more for range verification. Not to find out where you live. Maybe you could shoot some place else. And maybe we could omit the co-ordinates for public viewing, and you could include that data for me only. And I will be your proof of range. Because trust me, there are some people you just want proof with. Not that you couldnt cheat if you wanted. But . . . eh anyway, you get the idea.
  11. Youve hopefully seen my 100ft grouping thread. Can you do better. . . . in the next 30 Days? Im going to reshoot one target in the next 30 days. And post. Im going to record all relevant information on the attached document. Shooting Data 2 PDF. Second Page. So, all in fun, no cookies or other prizes expressed or implied, I challenge you all. Yes every single member of this belly crawling, bush imitating, single shot shooting, sneaky group of so-in-so's to beat me at my own game. Bring it ! ;D Talk doesnt count. Only posted images of what youve done. You must post the following pics or you'll be considerd full of hot air. Pic of your gun. Pic of your shooting range. (ie your shooting position and your target in frame.) Pic of your data card filled out and legible in the picture. Pic of your Target . . . "filled out". (shot) On the data sheet, you need to fill out only the following Date Time Rifle\scope Distance Altitude Temp Ammunition Wind Shoot and target location (Google earth coordinates) as best you can Ranging method Anything else on the card is for your information and can be used or ignored as you see fit. Can you do it? Will you do it? ShootingData2.pdf
  12. Yes definatly check the hop up. But since on this gun the whole bucking is inside the hop up chamber, I don't know. Id have to see it. But, if its a gas issue, all you have to do is slide off the floor plate on the magazine, and press gently on the bottom of the gas resivor. If it moves a bit up inside the outter shell of the magazine, you may have found your pressure problem. Fire it that way and see whats up. Keep us posted.
  13. It can also be that your magazine isnt seating properly. Or that the gas chamber of the magazine has slid down a bit inside the shell. You may find that the bb holder part of the magazine is loose on the gas resivor. And that can cause the gas resivor to be able to drop down a small bit and then the hammer doesnt hit it hard enough. At least I have one magazine that does that.
  14. It could go wrong. but it also could go right. You would have to judge the journalistic integrity of the individual. And ofcourse the flavor of the station. But tell me this. If the police get deployed via phone call from a neighbor, don't you think the news will be there too, given the charged political climate? And then what kind of story will there be? In any action there is a risk. And belive me, I dislike the media as much as the next guy. But spun propperly, and it could be positive light, nto negative on the sport.
  15. As Long as were considering alternative methods, How about you approch the local news? I wonder if you could do it annoimously? Do a secret interview as a responsible youth. And what you see other youth doing and how your concerned that it may hurt the sport. And then they might interview the police and principles of the area and get their take on what will happen to the kids if and when they get caught. Have the ability to touch on a topic that is effecting your life, but that your not old enough to vote on. You could express concern, insight, and your informed point of view. It could put the topic on the minds of the parents responsible for letting their kids act like idiots. And it could put out the "idiot fire" without having to get burned. Just an idea.
  16. I shoot .30g bbs at 250 ft. The gun is tuned for that. But shooting at less than 1/2 my max range, the .36g bb gives me stability, flattens the arc, and gives me the overall accuracy that I was looking for. I wasnt trying to debate, rebut, argue, or put down your suggestion. But the info isnt valid for my gun at this range. But thank you for the input anyway. I can imagine that for some guns, it may work fine. But I wasnt just responding to the .36 comment initially. I was responding to the "stock gun" comment as well. So thats where the value of the gun came into play.
  17. This is my Echo1 ASR that is shooting about 240fps with .20 and is reaching out to torso sized targets about 7/10 at 250ft with .30g bbs. .36bbs are great because they flatten out the arc a bit. The PDI hop-up is set to work with .30g bbs at the ranges and conditions stated above. The deal is, I hang out on a sniper forum, and some users are posting 100ft grouping and I wanted to do the same. So I did. This isnt a super gun. This is a nice gun. Its not 1000 +$ of performance. Its a 115$ gun with some upgrades. Total value in the gun is about 300$ or so dollars. And for that ammount of money, I think its great. In any event I thought Id share my results, and see if anyone wanted to share theirs.
  18. Well Im a 41 yr old father of 4. And two of my kids airsoft with me. my 10yr old daughter, and my 8 yr old son. Ive run with some rough crowds. And I realize the implications of being a "narc" or snitch or what ever. And in some cases that can be a really bad thing to be. It can get you hurt, or worse. But, this is different. This isnt some "heavy" adult situation. This is Kids being stupid. Endangering the freedoms of others in a politically charged and sensitive time in California. This is Kids potentially getting shot and killed by law enforcement officers. This has the potential to do great harm to a great many lives in variety of ways. This is not the time to stand by and let others take away the rights of the masses by acting stupid. If anything, this is exactly the time to stand up for what is right and be a citizen. To qoute a famous saying. "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. " But I dug a little deeper and found another part to that famous line. The whole thing looks like this "The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedients, and by parts ... the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. " In this case the "evil" is the loss of liberty and freedom. And thats what happens when we all stand around, stay quiet and do nothing. "its none of my bussiness." wrong. Its our, yours and mine, society. And that makes it our bussiness. Especially when the actions of particulare individuals threatens my and my childrens freedoms by causing restrictive laws to be enacted upon us all. Then it is especially my bussiness, and yours. Wouldnt you love a neighbor like that. Someone backs up to your house with a moving van, while your away camping for the weekend. And starts taking our your stuff. And your neighbor sits by drinking a lemonade on the porch watching them. "its none of my bussiness. I told em it wasnt right. but what ever." gee thanks neighbor. Same for the terrorist building a bomb I guess. Aint none of my bussiness. As long as they don't blow up my house. LoL. Nice. I DO NOT, suggest going to the cops all helter skelter. I suggest speaking to them. Expressing your concern. And advocating a peacfull and meaningfull solution. Have maybe one officer go and explain the situation to them. Have the officer tell them the law, explain consequences and offer options to them. Not arrest people. Not deploy the Clovis SWAT unit. Not confinscate guns, and charge people. But rather put things in perspective. I grew up in Bakersfield. I know that the police in Fresno and Bakersfield are no laughing matter. And those are rough towns sometimes. The police can be a bit . . . um "excitable". Giving them a heads up could be a great gift to your friends and who would be their surviving family members. yes, speak to the police. But be calm, and engender a calm response. Be adult. Be a citizen. Done right, your friends will never know. But when they grow up. If they did know, they might thank you.
  19. Well, it was only moderatly windy, however, the wind kept gusting when I least expected it. LoL so I guess thats my excuse if I need one. But these are realistic groupings from what Im seeing else-where. So I thought Id post them up for people to see and compare to. Other than that, I shot three magazines, with 10 rounds each. Gun = ASR Range = 100ft Ammo = Madbull .36g bbs. Target = Standard 8.5 x 11 inch Graph paper with 1/4in squares. 4 squares = 1 inch. FIrst Target I just did a hold, and tried to stay seady and fire consistantly. On the second target, I attempted pretty much the same as the first. On the third target, I was attempting to get a tighter grouping by holding off, based on point of impact, useing the mil-dots on my scope. So I got a little bit scattered results as I corrected. But all in all, it was a fair day of shooting. This gun was WAY more consistant than my Well G96D. Phft, we wont even talk about that gun yet.
  20. Madbull barrels are great for the price. I have one in my ASR that has about 2500 rounds on it. No problems at all. And it is one of the python 2 barrels. I also have one of their 6.01 precision barrels. And I don't know if its the barrel or something else in the gun. But Im planning on getting a 6.03 black python for that gun as well. And then I will be a bit more able to narrow down the situation. But thats a gas gun, and a clone, so, its probably going to be a few more details untill I know if the barrel is a major contributing factor or not.
  21. Is this gun still for sale?
  22. He doesnt seem mad to me. Just Finished with what hes doing, Im glad you got it all worked out. Im finally going to order my suppressor in the next week or so. I had the money, but I spent it on a third magazine. Meh, oh well. Anyway, if your interested, Ill post pics or vid of how to put that on.
  23. Which Echo1 are you refering to?
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