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  1. Thank you for your support, regardless. :)
  2. Exactly, my friend! :) I hope that you're right, but until we know for certain that Airsoft isn't in danger from this bill (which it currently is), I will continue to do everything that I can to fight the bill.
  3. Because if I had added this to any other thread, it would eventually have gotten lost amongst the pages of the thread. This way, it won't get lost as it's the first post, on the first page. Did you even bother to read the letter that I posted?
  4. http://www.change.org/petitions/say-no-to-...ti-airsoft-bill I can't seem to find the other ones at the moment. You still have the option of calling, writing, or E-mailing the Senators. As I've said, if enough people show interest, I will upload a template of the above letter of mine that can be downloaded, filled with the appropriate information, and E-mailed or mailed to all 9 Senators.
  5. There are many ways that you can fight, that don't involve Facebook. There are on-line petitions that you can sign, you can call, write, or E-mail the Senators who will vote on the bill, and you can spread the word to anybody who you think will support our fight against this bill, whether they play Airsoft or not.
  6. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am not about to lay down and watch as California destroys Airsoft for all of us! I am going to fight this until the very end! I have joined the various Facebook pages that are fighting it, I have signed the various on-line petitions that are fighting it, and I just finished sending a letter via E-mail to all 9 Senators of California who will be voting on the California State Senate Bill #798. I have also gotten as many people as I can to like the Facebook pages, sign the petitions, and either call and / or write the Senators to fight this, whether they actually play Airsoft, or only support our fight! You all need to do the same! If you guys would like me to, I have a Media Fire account. I can make a Win-Zip file containing a template of this letter made in Microsoft Word, so that you all can download it (free of charge, of course), edit in the necessary information, and E-mail it to the Senators. I also have their corresponding E-mail addresses if you don't know them already. Let me know what you would like me to do, and let me know what you think of my letter! Lastly, I know that in this image of the letter, Senator Emmerson's name is spelled wrong (it has 1 "m" instead of 2), but I fixed it before I sent him the letter via E-mail. Also, please note that this is a very large image (lengthwise). Contact the Senators!
  7. Hey, forum. Like the title says, I am in need of a positive thread M4/M16 birdcage (flash hider). I'm not looking to spend a lot on it, as it's just a flash hider. I would prefer that it be metal, as my ICS quick-detach mock suppressor has to go over it, but if it's plastic it won't really matter I suppose. As the optional description says, I can trade a black, negative threaded, full metal M4/M16 birdcage to you in return for your positive threaded model if you're interested. Otherwise, it would be great if I could get it as a "Pay it Forward" item. Thanks in advance, guys! :)
  8. I have bad luck with batteries, ha ha; I always have. They tend to love dying on me mid-game, or not being charged if I randomly want to go shoot some BB's at some targets, ha ha. I've always used larger batteries like that, and I'm not looking to stop now. I know the Classic Army crane stock holds that size of battery, as does the Echo 1 CQB crane stock, however everywhere is sold out of both of them! I was thinking that I could re-wire the KWA to the front and attach a G&P 9.6v 3,300 MaH PEQ-2 battery box, but I'm not sure if I trust myself enough to re-wire it, and I don't want to have to pay a local tech just to re-wire my AEG... The thing that I like about the SR-10 or the M16 BR over the SIG 552 is that I can customize them a bit more to my liking; if all goes as planned, I will be running woodland MARPAT BDU's this in 2011, and I would like to be able to have custom-colored furniture on my gun; my M4 / M16 would have an OD green stock, tan motor grip, OD green vertical grip, and a mixture of tan, dark earth, and OD green XTM rail cover panels, probably topped off with a tan suppressor.
  9. The only thing that turns me away from the KWA SR-10 is the fact that the Goddamn crane stock doesn't hold jack for a battery! I prefer to stick a 9.6v 3,600 MaH crane stock battery in my crane stocks, and I can't do that with the SR-10 unless I get a different crane stock!
  10. I figured it's time that I post here, because I'm having a ton of trouble deciding which gun I should get, ha ha. I'll give you guys some background story, and then my choices in weaponry, including pictures of how I would set up each gun (courtesy of Pimp My Gun, and about a half an hour's worth of work, ha ha)! The Back Story: Alright, I've been thinking for the past day or so about building a USMC MARSOC loadout. MARSOC stands for Marines Special Operations Command, and is the United States Marine Corps unit of Special Operations. We've already got most of the soft gear planned out, but have been having trouble with the weaponry; why? Because part of me wants to stray from the loadout and use an ICS SIG 552, which does not replicate MARSOC. The other part of me wants to use either a KWA M4 R.I.S to serve as a MARSOC M4A1, or a KWA M16 SR-12 to serve as a MARSOC M16A4 (I would have to add a triangle front sight on the barrel) and fully replicate the loadout. I don't know what to do, honestly. They all share relatively the same length, and the same FPS. However, the M16A4 serves more as a DMR, and I'm looking for more of a an all around short to medium to long range weapon at the moment. Anyways, here are the build plans. ICS SIG 552 KWA M4 R.I.S KWA M16 SR-12 to serve as an M16A4 Note: I might leave the put an OD Green crane stock on the M4 R.I.S instead of the Magpul stock, and might remove the PEQ-2 box (I found a functioning one on Evike that would be pretty beast). I also might add the PEQ-2 box to the M16A4. Opinions, especially based on experience and knowledge of the topic would be great! Thanks, guys! <3
  11. Hey, forum. I've seen this topic float around on a few other forums, and in light of the current situation that I am in right now with trying to construct a loadout (with much help from and thanks to Johngol10 on Airsoft Society) accurate to that of the USMC MARSOC, or United States Marine Corps Marine Special Operations Command. The topic is whether or not it is a big deal to use a weapon that is different than that of your uniform. As I mentioned above, I am constructing a MARSOC loadout, however I am torn between two different weapon (primary) choices; the ICS SIG 552 or the KWA SR-10. I like both of them a lot, and am having a difficult time choosing one; the ultimate deciding factor I think will be how important it actually is to have a weapon that is accurate to your loadout. Now, to provide a bit of background on why I am leaning a bit more towards the SIG 552, can be done quite easily; rarity. The M4, the M16, and the variants of both are becoming all too popular on the Airsoft field; there's a serious lack of individuality. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, however it does get a bit boring when everybody is using relatively the same weapon. That's what I like about the 552; it's unique yet extremely upgradeable inside and out. It's also about the same size as an M4 and provides the same reliable performance. This question has been seen all over various forums, and personally I feel that if you have a highly realistic loadout that replicates a certain branch or division of the military, that you don't necessarily have to have a weapon that is realistic to that branch or division. Why? Because it depends on how dedicated to realism you are; if you're a hardcore gear fanatic, then you will more than likely have everything exactly as that military unit would. However, if you only care about loadout realism to a certain extent, then you may only have soft gear that replicates the gear of that military unit. I personally am somewhere in the middle of don't care, and care as much as possible; I want to have my soft gear be identical to that of the MARSOC unit, however I am torn between the SIG 552 and the SR-10. What do the lot of you think about this topic? Does your gear, including your weapon have to match exactly to the unit that you're replicating, or is there a little room for wiggle room, and personal preference?
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