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  1. well I have an airsoft gun don't know whats wrong it can shoot but it cant pierce a can any more not evan up close and I wanted to know if any one in the area knows how to fix airsoft guns I wanted to send it to a repair shop but hat will cost cost a lot and wanted to see if any one could help me fix it here or knows a place around here can fix ti or knows a place around here that can fix it its not that I don't want to pay I just think its a waste to pay for shipping and handling for some thing that I might be able to get done here if you live close and know how to fix it ill pay you to fix it as long as its reasonable or if you know a shop that can its a thompson m1a1 cyber gun
  2. well this a redo with more info my thompson that I bought has become weak I mean it cant pirce a can from close distance and its louder than it use to be it shoots but it has no power any idea what might be wrong if so please coment
  3. I got a thopson like a week ago and all of a sudden it cant pierce a can any more not even from close range anybody know what going on
  4. just asking because I have not met to many people in the area that play airsoft if you do just post I do this is just out of curiosity
  5. wow I didn't really think of it that way but it seems what this guy is saying is true there probably just going to send you we appreciate your advise and so fourth but if you get a real response back instead of a generic one post it
  6. im bored and wanted to have some peoples opinion general what do you think of tm clones good or gust cheap imitation cause I ran in to this guy how was in to air soft and he said id rather not have any thing than have a clone gun so whats your opinion
  7. that sounds like a weird situation you can always try telling the school
  8. cant take a picture cuz my camera is broken but mine is de m3 shot gun
  9. this message is gust for people how live close and want a new field im not asking for people in california or even settle just people how live close and im not saying to flud there phone lines I just want them to say its a good investment but for people how live here only in the area and are truly interested an I can not stress that enough
  10. I have not seen that show on for so long
  11. so far all the air soft palaces have been really far away like ever green and have been in Seattle well cdr is thinking of converting to air soft but if they don't think any ones in the market for air soft in the area they might not do it so what I propose is every one in the area call cdr paint ball and ask for an air soft field after a wile they will start thinking theirs a lot of people in this area in the market for air soft and they will add an air soft field hears the number 360-424-9440
  12. what do you guys play cqb or something else
  13. I live in Burlington and also want to have games but the closest fields are in Seattle area and are pretty far iv tried getting my friends interested but there not as enthusiastic as me about it
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