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  1. the RPK with a TB makes a great dmr, having an body of the "dragunov" is great but you will need to get a new TB and probably beef up the internals. I realy dig the look and it makes a great addition to your teams firepower if you are running aks
  2. I have a tm M14 with KAC ris upgraded with guarder internals and prometheus tb. Absolute lazer firing at 375 with .25s and can handle much higher springs. six mags and will include a 3-9x50 scope
  3. I can't remember off the top of my head if another handle will fit but I know you can always sell it to me if you cant find it
  4. RRV is a fine compromise. I love running a chest rig for ease of use and weight. You can find very inexpensive PCs around too which I have used. I always found the battle belt to be an addition to my vest not a standalone. RRV has the molle to change around as you see fit and keeps you lightweight and maneuverable. cost runs for dirt cheap to real deal.
  5. I wanted one for a 'Nam era marine load out. also if anyone has extra info I'd love to see it.
  6. http://airsoft-news.eu/news.php?id=5066 seems like it will be pre upgraded. I've always wanted another m40 since I let my SP go. It's saying vsr compatoble which is even better. hopefully it costs less than my real one.
  7. o boy, having run several post apoc games with all sorts of people here are some of the best ones complete with some of the bits that make them great: cowboy hat is always great mismatched gear you have. The mask is a basic shop respirator that won't interfere with your goggles and adds a cool feel to the outfit. hat again and that great fallout style g3. leather jacket was 10 bucks at a thrift store and the brit issue sweater was another 6. shoulder plate made from an old satalite dish, lots of duct tape and belts. picking up spent casings from your local gun range or sand pits look nice and fill up extra room. extra bits of rope or twine are always helpful for repairs where duct tape will not do. I'd also say to look the part I will not shave for a few days and then role my gear and clothes in dirt, motor oil, and fire pit ash. hope that helped
  8. How do you end up with two tanaka redhawks?
  9. *raises hand* I'll be the moron over here. I'm not sure how I passed over all the sites I spend so much time on. I think more my question was for the other parts of reviews and sales, both of which have been logically and scoldingly answered. Thank you.
  10. I remember hearing decent reviews of the well aw338 and for the price it seemed like a good piece. does anyone know what happened to them? when they came out there was one review and one used I saw and havent seen them in pictures, reviews, or for sale since then. Were they a total POS or did well decide to stop making something good because they are silly people?
  11. Having owned a PSG-1 heres the deal it's wobly and a tac driver. so if I was playing in japan I'd totaly keep it as a low velocity sniper rifle, But you will spend more money upgrading it and finding the freaking upgrades than any other platform I know of. the KWA isn't going to be an SWS in my eyes and most of this community it's a DMR at best and a hot field gun at worst. reducers aren't allowed at most fields since you can change the fps when you want to. if you want to keep the role of marksmen and do it on the cheaper end but a cyma m14 and a tightbore or a g3 and some upgrades. both guns will be cheaper than an sr25 or bolt gun route. at that point I would suggest posting your question in the AEG section under a long range set up.
  12. post a want to buy parts on classicairsoft and I think tehre were a few guys with a box of parts. and SKY- that was my rifle prior to him getting that (small world)
  13. classicairsoft.net is the place to look. a year+ back I had one and they are some of the sweetest shooting rifles around IMO. rather than a hop up you just have to mildot the target like a real rifle. the guy who bought the gun from me polished the stock parts up and with a 6.03 tb in it was making 300 (no report on accuracy of it at that distance) it takes modified aps2/ CA mags. and I can't remember what length spring but the internals will tolerate a 500 fps spring. I regret selling mine and am still tempted to buy one all the time. also check Redwolf they did a review a while back http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...ail?reviewID=31
  14. hey boss I can't see the pick
  15. TM mk23 an a pile of y&p mags. the gun does make a pop but with the mock"silencer"mock the noice is reduced. I Practiced with mine at 120 feet at a helmet using .26s and could with success make kills at that distance. another fine option for low FPS and bulk is the mp7 wich has breakage problems or at least both of mine did, or the JG mp5k wich has a very upgradable v3 not to mention a nice rof with a buffer tube lipo. I can't remember who said it but I think it was "The day you use your sidearm is the day you wish you had your rifle"
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