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    Video games. I own a PS3. My PSN ID - Pprophet<br /><br />Call of Dury:Modern Warfare 2

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    A&K FDE Masada Cyma AK-74(cm047c) Cyma AK AIMS(cm050) Ares SR-25 A&K SR-25K URX AGM M16A1 Echo 1 AUG A3 KS P90 with a Echo 1 GB OD AGM L96 DE M582 M500 full stock WE 1911 Goverment Model HFC 'Savaging Bull' Revolver
  1. I always boil my flash hiders in boiling water. Not just a few seconds, I always leave my flash hiders in there long enough to actually melt and deform some. Even then sometimes the glue is difficult, but atleast with all that heat a bit of force has never damaged anything.
  2. I was just watching this video earlier too actually, kinda weird. I assume it's possible, I think it'd be pretty freaking cool. I don't know anything about electrical, but my thought was, it doesn't create enough power to use. It'd still need to 'charge'.
  3. Alright, I made a paypal account about 4 years ago when I moved to florida and got a bank account here. I then linked the bank account to an email adress, I never used. So pretty much I've got an email adress I don't have login for, and don't even remember. I've got a bank account I can't use on another, more responsibly created Paypal account because it's already linked to the aforementioned accounts. The kicker? I just sold something on SOA and can't even accept payment without being verified. So my question is, is there anyway to find out where my account is verified at? I've been on hold with paypal for over an hour at this moment, so thats not a valid solution at the moment. I know it's stupid, but ah well. The new paypal account is connected to my debit card. Which I would have thought would verify it, but nope. What can I actually do about it?
  4. Interested. You looking for anything specific, or just whatever you can get?
  5. These are excellant photos, the second really captures an actual offciers emotion there. They're all great though.
  6. Anything specific you're looking for?
  7. I wouldn't try to shoot an armed robber. Thats pretttttttttttttyyyy stupid to be honest. They could be drugged up on anything, and feels no pain, with a heightened sense of agression and anger. Not to mention what he might be carrying. Call the police, and stay safe. If you have no choice but to defend yourself, 1:1 I wouldn't shoot 6mm bb's at 400 fps. I'd probably just use the replica as a blunt object. That also isn't the smartest, or safest way to handle a home invasion with airaoft gear around.
  8. Search function brings up pages of this type of question. But since you didn't want to do that, No. You can't. Unless you have the clearsoft replicas, you won't beable to legallly bring them into the country.
  9. I'm pretty interested, I might have to try an pick one up too. I hate the baclava/goggle combo.
  10. Me and my two friends who always go, we have a pre-game ritual built up. Usually one comes and picks me up, we go to walmart get a case of bottled water and ice. Dump it into the cooler, go get our other friend. Then we have designated stops we make at a specific gas station, and a subway on the way there. I gather everything the night before, load magazines, and test batteries just in case something goes wrong.
  11. I love that they're short. It's the perfect dose on one shot humor.
  12. You won't find one for sale at a retailer. The ACR will be out soon, but I expect those to be OOS before you know it too. Your only option is to find someone selling one here. Which happens fairly often actually.
  13. Yeah my CM050 is a very uncommon variant. Around here theres hardly any AUGs either. I see mostly ak's m4's and bolt action rifles. Thats it!
  14. Forget it. Other then being scammed for my SR-25, I'm just going to give up and buy one.
  15. I love the MOE handguards. Full size would be complete win!
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