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    Current: G&G Scar-l, CA LWRC Sold/traded: Tm Vsr-10 G-spec, JG Bar-10, Well L96, SRC MK36, E1 AK74U AND E1 AK74, TM MP7, TM P90, CA SPORTLINE M4A1, G&G CM M4A1, CM 030 x2, KWA KMP9 G&G M14, A&K M249, A&K m60e4, Tm Glock 17, Kwa kp8, TM 1911, various springers.
  1. Hey all, I've decided I want to get heavily into shotgunning. I'm looking to get one of the TM M870's, and accessories if you got them. I have to trade: KWA MP9 w/ 1 long, 2 short mags, threaded barrel, and blackside suppressor. Loaded Tactical Tailor MAV (OD)with lots of tt pouches. HSGI sure-grip belt (OD) with a few pouches as well. If its a good enough deal, my upgraded GG scar L. an assortment of black condor pouches can also be thrown in. Also can do some cash on top depending on the deal. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768.
  2. Bump Adding a shellback tactical cobra belt in OD size md. Will sell for 25 shipped.
  3. Really hoping to get rid of the black gear and AK. Offer up!
  4. Bump M4 is gone! Belt set-up is traded!
  5. Bump it up, people stopped responding on trades and sales so everything is open.
  6. Bump Currently also pending a trade on the belt set up too.
  7. Bump I'll trade both guns for a nice pistol set-up.
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