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  1. Mp5 parts I'm looking for: -Mp5k end cap -mp5/g3 clamp-on high profile scope mount -flashlight foregrip M203 stuff I'm looking for: -2 in 1 short m203 -barrel mounted short m203 -short m203 heat shield/handguard for m4. I'm looking for deals, not retail pricing. Please shoot me a pm and we can discuss prices depending on what you have.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a complete TM aug high cycle in either color. For trade I have a KWA MP7 with two extra magazines, cqb bolt, and a licensed QD HK mock barrel extension. I can meet up at any local socal airsoft field or store.
  3. I've pmed you an offer! Looking forward to hearing from you.
  4. I don't see anything about the LWRC being sold. I've pmed you about it.
  5. I'm looking for nine ball aep gearbox upgrade parts. Pretty much anything that goes in the gearbox. I'm also looking for 65 round Tokyo Marui Mac 10 Magazines. Message me and we can work something out!
  6. Hello everyone. I'm looking for a Tanaka SAA. Any model, any barrel size, any finish. I will pay or trade for one. I have to trade: G&G Pro line MP5A4(real size hand guard!) TM MK23 w/ Wolf industries LAM(Trademarks intact!) CYMA AKS-74U w/ PBS-4, UTG rubber butt pad, 1 high cap, 5 midcaps, and Kobra sight TM P90 RDS version w/ 2 extra receivers/tri rail uppers and 6 standard magazines(PM me for details) Edit: Prefer the detachable cylinder model though!
  7. Bump. Please forgive my triple posting of this same exact thread. My phone stopped loading, so I refreshed the page 2 more times in order to get the thread to open; accidentally made 3 threads. I am beyond embarrassed.
  8. I want a y&p mk23. Pm me your prices!
  9. I want a y&p mk23. Pm me your prices!
  10. I want a y&p mk23. Pm me your prices!
  11. It looks like he dremeled the stock lock button hole so that the KTW one would fit. I didn't want to dremel the TM grip itself, so for the stock lock button I used a screw cap from Home Depot.
  12. I need a D-BAL battery box. No Peqs. D-BAL only! pic: http://www.airsoftnews.fr/wp-content/uploa...1/ka-bc-02b.jpg
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