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  1. Shaved. Every so often I get a high and tight. And besides, who the !@#$ wears their hair like a girl? Oh that's right, emos......they are like goths but !@##ies. No I'm sorry they are trying to be girls.
  2. Could be the AOE is a tiny bit off and ocupled with such a high power spring, I have NO doubt in my mind that you would shear off a tooth or ten on a plastic piston. Check your AOE and buy a harder, more sturdy piston that can ACTUALLY handle that much spring power. I would also suggest knocking down a spring size or two. A 130 or 140 should fair MUCH better, plus make you legal in MOST fields.
  3. The Cyma M14 is a great gun, one of the best starter rifles, and it is SUPREMELY accurate. The ONLY issue I have is take down. It is a pain in the ARSE! There are so many screws that it takes damn near forever to take it apart for mechbox upgrades. As far as those go, it can be skirmished with righto ut of the box. Just give it a good cleaning first as the barrel came BLACK with soot and other weird organisims so just swab the barrel, load up your hicap, and go have fun. The battery is garbage as it took about 1/2 second once trigger was pulled for it to fire from full powered battery. Go to cheapbatterypacks.com and fit yourself with a nice 9.6v small type battery. 2000mah will be fine.
  4. Its good in the sense if you take it apart and reshim it, then its a fantastic little performer. Out of box, the two most notable things that NEED to be replaced ASAP are the motor and the shims. It has BY FAR, the most gearbox whine out of all the models I have worked on. Once you solve those little niggles, it is a great rifle. Use .25g rounds with it only as .20 are too light and tend to want to fly and swerve.
  5. For me, its the ease of use, it's comfortable, and above else its familiar to what I have been training with in the Army. It's quite the novelty to use an Airsoft M4 after using the real deal. That and since alot of people use them, if I need mags, or spare parts (front site posts mainly due to tree hitting) someone ALWAYS has a spare part I need.
  6. Jawn had the best answer and the one I use constantly. I hate small guns (comfort reasons mostly) and I sold most of mine to get my M60. Taking a M60 is a challenge in itself but indoors, its much harder. For corners, I point my weapon down to the ground then twist my body to take a few shots then go back to pointing down again. Its very effective the only problem is that it takes a toll on your arms because those are doing all the work instead of allowing your hips, legs, and back to do some of the work. It can be done, and quite well if you train and practice it everytime you play.
  7. Did you put the cylinder on correctly? (if its solid with no holes, disreguard that statement) Check all components nest time you take mechbox apart. Make sure they fit tightly together, make sure your hopup has no cracks and that your nub and bucking are installed correctly. Also be sure to use that little metal ring to help seal up the hopup. Do that and try back here with your results.
  8. As far as pistols go, I am a KJW man. BUT when your short on cash and something like a two magazine deal pops up, it's usually worth the small niggles to get that when they can be easily fixed for little to no extra cost.
  9. Here ya go: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=31375 And if that won't work, here's a 74 model: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=32091 These are the best AK's on the market short of a VFC and Realsword without the ridiculous price tags....... For AK's, you buy CYMA.......
  10. Best solution would be WE's $99 two mag 1911 player package. Good weapon and they give you two mags to play with. They also have this package: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=30127 Evike is a good ocmpany, they like all others have their good and bad days. I order almost exclusively from them and I have had good experiances with them. I would start with a WE pistol or a KJW one (WE gives you two mags on some of their offerings and with evike, you can add the holy cow special for a free magazine on WE or KJW 1911 series) as they are cheap and work quite well.
  11. Sigh, !@#$ WA and their overpriced toys. We had two on the field and I was not impressed with them over the KJW M4. They perform the same, look the same, and feel the same. Why the hell would any idiot buy a WA over the KJW model is beyond me. Maybe you got money to waste, in that case go nuts. If you could not tell from the above statement, I favor the KJW M4 GBBR. It is based off the WA system for a hell of a lot less and from my experiances from being shot by it and talking to the owners, it needs no upgrade parts out of box and it's reliability is phenominal. Not only that but for realism, it is almost spot on with my M4 from the Army (save for a few trademarks). KJW is one ACM company that does good work and pushes good products. I can vouch for them as can many others. Take a look at their offering and see what you think.
  12. Unofficially, I have my G&G plastica that has been tuned for high speed full auto only fire using 11.1V lipo (though going down to a 7.4V will keep things lasting for a much longer time) selling for $200 with 6 magazines..... OFFICIALLY, going with an ICS MP5 is usually the most reccomended answer we give here. It has good internals, good metal externals, and is relativly cheap.
  13. RPK for universal use. I personally own the A&K M60 and I wouldn't give it up for anything. It IS however a support only role. It is also heavy and I am a big dude and in the army and it still takes it's toll on me after a while. It is also a pig both on batteries and BBs. I picked up a 4000mah 9.6V battery from cheapbatterypacks.com and that is the only battery it will not chew through after 8 hours of play. Box mag is an issue for some, it took me a bit but I have no issues with it now (and by that I mean loading and unloading the box). It is quite simple to break down and get into the gearbox or swap springs. RPK I think would be a better choice if you want support AND mobility. You get the added benefit of AK MAG use, high round count, reliability of gearbox, and pretty light weight. It's a bit cheaper too.......
  14. For GBB, a Silencer works wonders. For AEGs, not so much. A great shim job and motor adjustment (if applicable) is all you really can do. For my M60, I shimmed it so well that there is litterally NO gearbox whine at all, just the sharp crack of aluminum piston and piston head. All a silencer will do is change the tone of the sound (you still had gearbox whine which is louder than the piston/head). Like when I had my G&G M4. It made a loud TANG when fired but when a silencer was put on, it made the sound of a potato hitting a small child........without the screams of pain.
  15. If you want a SAW, get a SAW. As stated above, the MK36, RPK, M249, and M60 are all good choices. The new models out (2010) of the A&K M249 fixed a lot of the little niggles that came in the box. Mainly they put a smaller metal tab on electrical box to fix the whole gear grinding problem. Find one and pick one up. You can thank me later.
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