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  1. Ah that's disappointing, I might be able to find something cheap on Amazon or something.
  2. Do you know of a website where I could buy the Famas body?
  3. I have a V1 Tokyo Marui Famas gearbox, but no body for it. Where can I buy a body that would be able to fit this gearbox?
  4. I want to create a DMR and I was looking at either the L85 or L86 for better range and accuracy. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yeah the unit itself is broken and I'm just replacing it. Thanks I wasn't to sure where to find that. But I guess the KWA website would be a pretty good site to go to XD Thanks.
  6. where can I buy the hopup unit at? Because I need to replace mine.
  7. What hop up unit is used in the KWA KG36C??
  8. So with this gun's stock internals I can put in an m150 and I'll still be fine? How far would you say the gun would be shooting then?
  9. I am making a DMR and I am trying to achieve a very far shooting gun with good accuracy. I would like to hear your thoughts on this, and give me any suggestions if you have any. Thanks! KWA SR12 m16 Prometheus EG Precision Inner Barrel Prometheus Hop Up Bucking (Hard Type) Systema Ver. 2 Metal Spring Guide SRC High Torque Up Motor (Long Type) Systema M170 spring Guarder steel Bushings G&P Polycarb Piston (White Color) G&G Hyper-Torque gear set SRC Long Barrel Extension
  10. I know their is a place for this, but no one is ever on it so can you please answer thanks.
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