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  1. Interesting idea. Seems pointless without wide angle though.
  2. Sounds like circuitry failure, if you were savvy enough and really loved that radio you could crack it open and debug it. Probably not worth it to you.
  3. I'm not 100% that that battery will fit in an MP5 fullstock. According cheapbatterypacks.com a 9.6v large type nimh is longer than that lipo, by like 30mm, and slightly larger on the other dimensions. So I figure it should work if fullstocks are made for large types. Those wires are crazy thick though, they're like 10 awg, so plan on needing space for that. You will most definitely fry your contacts with 6 amps :P
  4. *spits coffee* biggest lithium battery in a full stock? Okay. There you go :D I love the Turnigy nano-techs so far. I'm running 7.4v 2a that I got 2 off that site for $30 shipped. The catch is you gotta know how to solder. They also give you the exact l*w*h dimensions of each pack, so you could measure the inside of it with a simple ruler to fill it perfectly... Also, I've actually had a lot of experience with CA, my story sounds like yours. I've got a CA36 that I'm building up, and my brother has the B&T A5. It's lasted stock forever but he doesn't play very hard with it. I did have to replace the sector gear once. The trigger switch burnt up recently from like 3 amps out of an 8.4 nimh, but it was an easy fix. Externals are nice. I haven't built a mosfet yet, but I like electronics so that's inevitable. IMO, these internals will not last long at 40rps. It'd be a good start, but plan on replacing everything eventually.
  5. Cool, thanks a lot guys. I also forgot to mention that the 150ft grouping test I did was actually at 55ft. I can't count apparently. That much spread would be more acceptable at twice this distance, so this helps to better illustrate my issue.
  6. The R-hop concept is very interesting. I'll attempt it once I know more about it. I'm researching it now. Does it help with reducing fliers/sideways movement?
  7. Are you saying I should still consider the PCS instead of an SCS or throw the concave spacer idea out entirely? I wouldn't have access to a chrono for a while, but I could start wrapping some electrical tape around the inner barrel.. Maybe a prowin?
  8. Hello, I just installed a King Arms 60° bucking and spacer into my CA36K and the accuracy didn't really improve. I'm looking for some input as to why. It does have the ability to backspin extremely high now though, that old stock bucking was like 200 years old. I did a grouping test at about 150 feet. I threw a hundred .25s at each fresh target, here's the results. http://img801.imageshack.us/img801/2334/20121102154801.jpg http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/2492/20121102154812.jpg They're about the same. This is gun is already running a tightbore. I would've added an SCS/PSC nub if they were in stock at the time. Ideas?
  9. Well, I just tried to drill into it for like half an hour. The process involved hacking a + shape with the dremel as a pilot hole and then using a 1/16th bit. But after like 15 minutes straight of drilling, it wasn't even past the tip of the piston head. So it'd take like 2 hours at that rate, kinda impractical.. Looks like I'll just get a cheap piston head. Thanks guys.
  10. I think it's come to that point, I just wanted to try everything I could. Is polycarb generally better than aluminum because it's lighter? This is a good opportunity for a sorbopad upgrade
  11. Zack, tried it the metal is too soft. Anyway, you know that moment when you think you finally got it, but it actually gets worse? :( http://imageshack.us/a/img692/8951/20121010201301.jpg
  12. well, I fixed my problem.. I found the grub screw replacements, but that doesn't really help you haha http://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/118/3076/=jo09u2
  13. Right, I understand. I'm still trying to find the damn vise grip. But I'm going to need to turn the piston head with pliers because it's seriously stuck in there, it might as well be glued.
  14. I'm trying to keep the outside rim of the piston head smooth, so I have a strip of a something that I think was a yoga mat to cushion it. I'm going to try and find the vice grip pliers now. Report back soon, further comments welcome
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