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    troutdale OR
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    track, cross country, distance running, airsoft, gaming(PSN:linglingjr), eating food

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    Army R85a1, upgraded Dboys SPR Mod 0, upgraded R8, HFC pocket mini gas pistol,CYMA CM.028 AK-47, utg shotgun, crappy well micro Uzi (AEP)

About Me

I'm too lazy to update this and nobody really cares either so: why bother?


I won the 2008 regional 1500m run (thats 5 northwest states I ran with) the first gun I upgraded was a FULL PLASTIC cros man lpeg (full abs v3 gearbox) so I bought a well meatal gear box which got it up to 360 from 250.


my first project hey lets put money into airsoft was an upgraded Dboys SPR Mod0 (budget DMR?)

list of upgrades/parts:

M130 pre-upgraded gearbox

Gaurder bore up kit

65omm 6.03 tbb (madbull)

Echo 1 high torque motor (got at local shop)

9.6v 3300 mAH large type battery



DIY mods

SCS nub

Systema bucking (bucking wont fit inside of hup unit right now)

gaurder white torque up piston

jbu 8.25inch suppresor

NC star 3-9x40 scope

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