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  1. That rail looks awesome... Why is everyone still obsessed with magpul and AR builds?
  2. IMO this won't make ASF anymore active. There will still be the 1 post members looking for what gun to buy and the >15 members that are on here weekly.
  3. Okay well that's good to know that the hop up is two pieces (I obviously had no idea when I typed that lol) I would say the spring in the mid caps are too strong. Not sure if this will work but try loading only 3-4 bbs in the mid caps and see if you notice a difference? You might want to leave them fully loaded over night or something if you think they're too strong. I can't really imagine them being too weak (but who knows)
  4. You're getting terrible range and compression because your mags are either pushing your hop up unit forward or backwards and killing the seal you should have between your air nozzle and hop up unit. I have zero experience with your replica (looks like it uses a normal v2 and a ar15 type hop?) Try to get the little spring that goes on front of your hop up unit (outside of the barrel) if you don't have one already. If you do, try to determine which direction your mags are pushing your hop up unit. You might have to make a spacer to keep the hop up from moving. EDIT: If you're slamming your mag in super hard it could also be pushing the hop unit up and the airnozzle could be pushing it out of alignment. Try to troubleshoot where the hop is getting pushed before you remove any more material from anything.
  5. If you do end up getting a mosfet you should also invest $10 in a cheap soldering kit and learn how to use it so you can rewire it yourself instead of having it sent out. It's super easy to learn and will come in handy down the road.
  6. I say dat CYMA mp5k if you're doing cqc. Nice and tiny and you can just strap/tape a lipo to the outside of it and look like a total bamf. Also, don't know what the other guy was saying -- it uses a normal v3 iirc and a short type motor.
  7. Don't lube your barrel. Try not to lube your bucking or air nozzle either it will just result in bbs jamming. I think you're supposed to use some special type of oil for bucking but I can't remember.
  8. You can test your seals really easily by covering the nozzle on the cylinder head and pushing the piston in while it's all lined up in the gear box. If it pushes in with out effort then you have a bad seal. Non of that has anything to do with your mechanical problems of over cycling though.
  9. ALICE gear.... that's all you need. Plus you can fit almost any mag in the pouches with out it looking stupid.
  10. No man but really if you want to have some fun build a vortex block and you have a lot more fun with that.
  11. YEEEE YEEEEEE YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! One of the 7 things posted today was a pointless necro for a pointless thread!!!!!!!! RIP in peace ASF you will be sincerely missed Here you go:
  12. YEEEEEEEE Posted in 2008 and this is what people still vote/view on this forum. EDIT: Well it's obvious that if a gon is OP in a vediogem den it Will proform relly good as the soft air gun. So when m16a3 and aek is OP AF in bf3 they'll be ubber gud in airsoft. In all seriousness, it doesn't effect my choice a bit. If anything I wouldn't get a replica from a popular video game because all the 1337 360 no skope 12 year olds would be like "Oh you have the SNIPER from Call of Duty" Notice how I place emphasis on the "sniper" part of it. People that call a firearm/ replica a sniper drive me crazy, a sniper is a human not a fire arm. /rant
  13. Regarding both bore and length it won't make a mesurable difference unless you're going from a 50mm barrel to a 363mm or something like that. I would just keep the stock length. I have not been up to date on what the best brands are for the past several years but the quality of BB's you use will give you a much bigger difference in performance. EDIT: not sure why I came back on here.... maybe ASF will pick up once the weather gets worse and won't be so terribly in active.
  14. You would probably be better off asking on a different forum. This site is dead. I haven't been on here in years and now I come back and there isn't even 10 posts a day in total anymore there used to be 200+ a day...
  15. Hmm so 3 years later and STILL the only guns people buy are AR variants...
  16. honestly when I actually played I had an 11.1v 20c 3300mAh battery. you should change it to 2000mAh or larger.
  17. bump, price is OBO I don't expect it to sell on here at all...
  18. Haven't been on for a while, figure I would post this on here as well. For sale is a good condition samsung tab 10.1, I am the original owner and it has been taken care of well (never dropped, exposed to water etc...) It's had a screen protector on it since day one so the front has absolutely no scratches at all, the back has average wear on it, nothing bad. It is running the latest available version of Ice cream sandwich and runs great, everything works perfectly. You get the tablet, original box/packaging, usb cable, AC adaptor, and a case crown leather case. I will trade it (plus money on paypal) for a galaxy S3. Or $300 OBO shipped Con US. Thank you for looking.
  19. oh lawd... please tell us then: what is the problem here?
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