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  1. Oh, okay. Let's examine my statement: I tell you to not be so specific in hopes that you would recognize how vague you were being. You neglect to tell what OS you're running, what hardware you're using, how much memory you have, processing power, GPU, etc. A "$1,300 gaming computer" could be a lot of things. I find when most people tell how much their computer cost them, they give the price they paid the day they bought it. So a $1,300 gaming computer bought 5 years ago could be radically different from a $1,300 gaming computer today. This is tied directly to my first statement, and is equally sarcastic. The lack of information you provide makes it impossible to diagnose the problem correctly, and any attempts to do so are merely guesses. You say it crashes your computer- okay, how? Do you get a BSOD? Instant shutdown? Shutdown after running the game for a few minutes? Lockup? What? The type of "crash" is one of the most important clues to solving the problem. In addition, saying you updated your computer doesn't mean much- is just Windows updated? I see in a later post you specified that you updated your graphics card drivers- have you checked for new sound card drivers (you might be surprised how much of an issue a bad sound card driver can cause)? The information you've given would be similar to living in New York and calling a mechanic in Florida asking them why your car won't start. You need to give more information than just saying "it crashes." And this is why my post was sarcastic. I suggested you gave too much information and was making it too easy to solve the problem, when in reality, you didn't give enough information, making it nearly impossible to solve the problem. I hope this clears things up for you.
  2. Boy, people around here sure aren't used to sarcasm.
  3. Hey, I'm just giving my insight as to why this Off-Topic section sucks compared to most other boards. If you don't want to listen, by all means, continue your 4chan-esque style of humor, which only seems to appeal to kids younger than yourself. I'm just offering some free advice that you don't have to follow if you don't want to. Sometimes those with no stake in the matter have the most objective opinions. I want to see this OT section improve, because ASF has a reasonably active community, but threads like this one just bring the whole thing down a few notches. I won't derail this thread any more than it already has been, so that's all I'll be posting in this thread.
  4. It's somewhat amusing that people think the purpose of an Off-Topic forum is to derail any thread posted there. And maybe that's why there are so many complaints about this particular forum's OT section. Here's a hint to the success of an Off-Topic section- the threads are off-topic from the general purpose of the site (in this case, airsoft), yet within those threads, you stay to the original topic. If you want to talk about your new phone, "leet" speak, or flex your proverbial "internet muscles," make new threads about that. This way, if people don't want to read that bullshit, they can avoid clicking the thread about it rather than have those topics pollute a thread that someone may actually want to read. Obviously it's not a perfect system and doesn't work 100%, but it sure makes the Off-Topic section of the site much more enjoyable. (Note for the slow: This doesn't mean you can't have humor in threads; it simply means you should keep the humor pertaining to the topic. [protip: it usually makes your humor funnier as well]). Now, to get back on topic- For the most part, I agree with his points. His evidence was lacking at some points, and he was pretty redundant with his point of Marines using airsoft, but I agree with him that they're two very different things.
  5. Don't be so specific; it makes it too easy to solve your problem.
  6. Technically, even firearms don't expel a projectile by the "use of explosive powders." It's just a powder that burns rapidly. I've seen that definition used in many states though, which is kind of funny.
  7. I think you're both idiots. You moreso than him.
  8. Um, no. At most, someone who saw the video flagged it on YouTube, and it was removed. Kinda funny that you thought ASF was important enough for YouTube to actively browse it, though.
  9. So wait. You were cheating at a game, and someone got upset about it? What is the world coming to?
  10. Anyone who thinks the MacBook Air doesn't have an optical drive because it's too small for one clearly doesn't pay attention to the competition. Check out the Lenovo ThinkPad line and look at their slim model. Less expensive than an Air, potentially more powerful (depending on how much you spend), has an optical drive, has three USB ports (as opposed to the Air's one), and it still fits in a manila envelope. Oh yeah, and it was around for quite a while before the Air. As far as Mac vs PC goes, I really wish more people would go with Mac. Not because they're necessarily better, but rather because the general population seems to have a problem keeping Windows machines running. It's painfully easy to avoid malware on a Windows system, yet people still find a way to do it. I wish more people would use Macs so I wouldn't have to listen to them about PCs sucking, when it's the user who really sucks. Of course Mac will be more stable. First off, it's Unix. Second, it's only built on Apple hardware. If MS were in control of the hardware PCs used, it'd be much easier to create an operating system that's stable with that hardware (of course, ignoring the fact that Windows isn't an unstable system in the first place, but you hear that argument a lot from people who don't know better). Macs look nice, are built fairly solidly, and are almost idiot proof. But it costs you. I've generally found that people who know what they're doing with computers run Windows and/or some distribution of linux. But whatever. This thread needs more bikini babes.
  11. Well I believe you have friends, but writing emails to Crosman really isn't that far off from writing angry letters to the editor. I'm not going to say you're an idiot for writing it or anything; I'm just saying that nothing will come of it, so your time would be better spent doing something else. A 1/2 hour at college could be much better spent.
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