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  1. SGT Wong (lucky , I've got 760 points and the cutoff for 11B is 365 but our state has no slots) - the yellow tape ruins it for me. I know its some kind of team markings, but its the same way we mark our soldiers with allergies, kinda like how we mark heat casualties with red engineering tape. It makes me think "where's his epi pen?"
  2. you don't need a plate carrier - and if you are wearing that bigfoot suit you might want to cut extra stuff you don't need out. I'd recommend this chest rig http://www.optactical.com/tagphchrig.html You can carry five magazines (one in the gun, four on the rig) plus you've got some extra pouches for whatever mission essential gear you need to carry. Way under your $150 budget and you have a lifetime warranty, made in the US product.
  3. the thing about LBT, though, is the only people its issued to is SOCOM. They don't subscribe to the lowest bidder routine, they buy COTS (commercial off the shelf) items that they want with unit funding and get stuff way better than the regular military.
  4. they feel like they could be running shoes right out of the box instead of boots
  5. I get my Scarpas from Promotive - I get them for a crazy discount, they're usually $209, I got mine for $130
  6. I usually do all my prep like that the night before. Usually my pregame ritual is waiting in my living room for my friends and family who are going with me to show up then we carpool to the field which is like three minutes from my house. Then I wait for them to load their stuff in a hurry as we get there because they're always late.
  7. Got to play for the first time in a long time - had a little bit of cancer I had to get taken care of and dealing with a new baby makes time for hobbies hard. New loadout: Crye Sand G2 Combat Shirt DCU pants Blackhawk CQB Riggers Belt Scarpa Kaliash Wide GTX boots LaRue Tactical Hat Oakley Assault Gloves Oakley M-Frame 2.0 Eagle Industries MBAV w/ BAE M97 armor panels Armor Holdings MSAP shoulder pads Eagle SFLCS Signal Pouch Eagle SFLCS Grenade Pouch Eagle SFLCS 100 Rd SAW pouch Eagle SFLCS Quad Magazine Pouch Eagle SFLCS Double Magazine Pouch x2 Allied Industries MBITR Pouch Eagle SFLCS Medical Pouch Allied Industries SFLCS Hydration Carrier Ceradyne ESAPI plates
  8. I just got a new MBAV with the BAE removable M97 panels - my old MBAV used PACA civilian panels which provide more coverage but were much heavier. Upon reweighing it, the MBAV with plates is about 4 pounds lighter than the RBAV - both are much lighter than the CIRAS though.
  9. go on ebay, find a multicam Army combat shirt for sale - they go starting around $25.
  10. I've linked Adam's for sale thread a couple times - he has 167 positive trader ratings, and I have personally ordered more than $1000 worth of gear from him. He has BRAND NEW, REAL ISSUE Marpat for insane prices - I got a FROG combat shirt and FROG pants for $45. He has sets for non-FROG Marpat for $35. He's good to go, and if you want to SEE what you are getting, email him and he WILL take pictures for you. He ships the day of payment most of the time, too.
  11. How do you mean flexible? Like, the soft armor inside of it is more pliable or more tactically flexible? I'll admit that the old PASGT vests were pretty rigid but an IBA without plates is pretty comfortable. Of course, if you add a 12" long ceramic plate in the vest its going to make it a bit stiff. But, even compared to the old PASGT vests and ALICE, the system looks really bulky and there are like "bumpers" or "padding" on the edges of the vest that I can't figure out the purpose of by looking at your pictures.
  12. He will email you pictures of the EXACT items you will be buying.
  13. Not sure on the helmet, but another great place to get legitimate gear on the way cheap is Uncle Sam's Retail Outlet http://www.unclesamsretailoutlet.com/Packs...nd-Pouches.html Its a place where they sell government liquidated items, pretty much excess stuff the military has bought that they don't need they sell it to the public at way reduced prices. I just got a SAW pouch kit for my SAW gunner there for like $25 since our unit won't order any pouches for our SAW gunners.
  14. For a little guy on a $75 budget I'd probably go with a chest rig setup. It's a lot less bulky than a plate carrier which is pretty unnecessary if you aren't running plates. Plus, Arizona gets hot and it's a whole lot more comfortable. For your price you could get a legitimate, non Chinese made chest rig from Eagle or TAG or Tactical Tailor, or local Arizona company Diamondback Tactical - Redcat Tactical on Ebay is having a blow out on the overstock Diamondback had when they moved and I would strongly recommend a quality vest over a $75 knock off that will come apart after a couple games. The deals RedCat has on Diamondback is amazing, you can get an ACU chest rig for $35. Gray Ghost outlet is a great place to get Tactical Tailor stuff, and you could definitely piece together a rig with the mission essential gear you need for well under your budget.
  15. It appears they don't have the right size for you in stock. Your waist size in military terms is "large", depending on your inseem you could be a "short" "regular" or "long" If your inseem is 26-29, you are a large/short. 29-32 inseem is a Regular, 32-35 inseem is a long, anything below those thresholds would be X-Short and anything above that would be X-Long. Again, if you are looking for USMC surplus my go to guy is Adam and you can see his list here http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=490262. He's got large regular and large long sizes in stock for $35 for tops and bottoms. He's a good guy with an amazing itrader rating, you can deal with him with confidence.
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