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  1. Agree with everything Guges said. In addition to that, even if you do spend the initial $350 on a reliable GBBR, you will have a nice shooting rifle with only 1 (>50 round) magazine. Extra magazines for GBBR's average around $50 a piece. On the contrast, you could spend ~$140 on a G&G Combat Machine, or a Cyma AK along with a few Hi-Capacity magazines that hold 300(m4) -600(ak) rounds for $10 a piece and have a much more skirmishable loadout.
  2. Well, it is too late now, but TM hop ups CANNOT be beat, unless you plan on doing something called an R-hop, or a Flat-hop which plenty of info is available on this forum. Honestly all you probably needed to replace was the bucking itself, and possibly the nub to get your m4 back to where it needs to be. I made the mistake of "upgrading" my TM MC-51 way back when, and I ended up turning a beautifully well oiled machine into an unreliable piece of junk (also because it was my first time opening up an airsoft gun). Take my opinion however you want though, as I'm sure others will chime in.
  3. Just an update: I recieved my brand new (to me) E&L AIMS AK gen 2.0 (47 w/ romanian handguard and wire stock) from ebay along with 6 metal mids, prommy barrel, mosfet, 2 batteries, and a chest rig for $350 shipped. I cannot be happier with the gun as it is by far the most solid airsoft replica that I have ever held. Also, it has much more range than my current CQB primary, so I can alternate between the two.
  4. Here is your battle rifle. Standard with handguard, and takes m4 mag's. Tavor T-21. They also make a cqb version with a shorter barrel. http://www.evike.com/products/44663/ I don't know how to post an image.
  5. EWW gross!!! Why does everyone have a problem with a beat up piece of steel, married to a few dark stained pieces of wood, smothered in cosmoline? Traditional AK is only AK in my book. Lol I'm looking at one of the AKS-74N's. Love the look of the 74, but with the barrel length of a 47, coupled with a sturdy folding stock. EDIT: I can see why you would suggest that, though because re-reading my posts it made it sound like an optic was a necessity. But in fact, an AK platform is the only one that I am ok with using the irons.
  6. That is definitely unique! The only thing that I remember about ICS was that they used a strange split gearbox which was supposed to make spring changes easier. Was that only for a short time, or does that still hold true to this day? Can anyone on here point me to a website that sells E&L AK's besides WGC shop, ASGI, or Evike? WGC has a great looking model that caught my eye, but including shipping and midcaps, it will be ~$500. Or if anyone has other opinions on different brands of AK's that can be had for cheaper, but as still solid as a rock and perform very well. I would like to know that too.
  7. Yes, you are correct. I guess my ask for the moon, and settle for what's best mantra carried into this post. I would like above average range, without having to abide by strict engagement limits (<400fps). Also, I am talking about a platform that bodes well to range/ accuracy upgradability. No matter how good your internals are, you will not be able to make an mp5k that can accurately outrange a tuned-up m14. As for the AK comment, I would like to be able to mount an optic without those ugly side mounts/ gross rails, but that is not entirely a necessity.
  8. Hello, I primarily run a KWA Gen 1 m4 CQB with a TBB, mock suppressor, LiFE 9.9v battery, and 6 Mids. Secondary loadout is a KWA MP7 with 4 mags and finally my 3rd backup is a TM SPAS 12 stockless with 4 shells. That being said, I do prefer playing CQB over outdoors because I am almost always out ranged from other, hotter shooting guns. However, because I already have great setups for CQB, I am looking to get another gun that will hopefully be able to get me shooting accurately ~80yds. I think that the best way to go about this is a full-sized rifle, and I am not opposed to an AK if it has a metal body and can take real wood. Like the title says, I would like to keep my total purchase at around $300-$350, which will include midcaps/ extra magazines, and the gun itself. I am not opposed to a GBBR, but the cost of replacement magazines pretty much is forcing me to stay with an AEG. I have been looking into a CYMA Galil, because I was actually able to find Mids online for $10/piece from China, but the accuracy has had me second guessing. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. ***Update, Have been looking at getting an E&L AK74, but am wondering if it is worth it to pay the extra $100+ to get the E&L V2.0, or save some money and go with the "Spartan Delta V1.5"
  9. Looking to buy/ Trade for a Galil in good, working condition. I'm not too picky about the brand, so let me know what you have. I have a gen1 KWA m4 CQB Front wired to deans, running an m95 spring (~315fps), 363mm ASGI TBB (6.03mm) with a suppressor to hide it. Will come with 5 MAG midcaps with hand-made magpulls, and 1 metal KWA hi-cap. I can send pics of the m4 if you are interested in that. Also I can include a Condor m4 chest rig that has been painted FDE if you are interested. (Has 6 internal pouches for m4 mags around your stomach, and MOLLE on top of them.) Keep in mind that I can buy a new KA Galil for $230 right now, so I would like to keep my cash offer price at around $150. That can go up if depending on the gun's condition, upgrades, mid-caps, and gear involved. I get PM's emailed to my phone, so I should be able to respond within 24hrs of you sending a message. Thanks for looking!
  10. *all these years and I still don't know how to post from my phone.
  11. Guys, I don't want to step on any toes but check the dates on posts before you respond, or take it to pm's. This was posted 5 months ago without any activity since then.
  12. Bump. Still looking for some mags. If I don't find any takers soon, I'll just end up buying new.
  13. As the title states, I want to buy 2 more MP7 magazines. However, if you only have 1 then offer away! I am prepared to pay with PayPal, but I can also send a money order. I am located in Southeast MI, just west of Detroit if you would like to meet up. I am not sure what the going rate for these are anymore, but I know that I can get a brand new one for $55. External condition does not really matter, and also I would prefer that the mags not leak gas. However, I will still consider leaky mags that are leaking out of the bottom of the magazine. Please let me know if any of the magazines have high flow valves installed. Thanks for looking.
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