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  1. I have the WE (actuall the cqb one) 4.3 desert warrior and want to get the madbull 1911 barrel kit with the 6.03 extended inner barrel. I am not sure whether it will fit or not in the shorter 4.3 1911...does anyone know? Also it would be good to know how much of the innner barrel sticks out so I can get an appropriate silencer to go with it. Thanks guys EDIT: Here is the barrel I'm talking about, HERE
  2. Triple X

    Mosin Nagant

    seems easier to me if you just bought a complete 91/30, they are ony like $95 at gun shows...then turn it into an airsoft gun, instead of buying all the parts?
  3. Yeah thats understandable. Looks good for sure haha
  4. haha I was just basin that on the fact that the pics don't LOOK like mechanix gloves, I may be wrong but I wear mechanix gloves too:) PS: I WEAR MULTICAM!! HA but yeah its out team uniform...
  5. Looks good actually, maybe different gloves? Also I love DCU loadouts, I just hate it would be not be effective for my area, until Irene that is:)
  6. Looks good, and I usually hate the old woodland...although I can't help but think your helmet, is...off a bit, like tilted...
  7. Love all your loadouts man, totally jealous of the people's style you play with and especially that MILSIM game. Over here you can go to big games and 1 or 2 teams will be completed kitted up but everyone else is wearing old M85 and nothing else, no vest, not anything that looks realistic. I really love that MILSIM, I am getting the opportunity to go to some big MILSIMs (Op:Northern lights and Op:Irene) in the states this year, can't wait!
  8. That does look good on that armalite. Also, just throwing it out there, I think its cool, but whats with the bible verse on it haha?
  9. Ok I love your gun, simple as that. I don't know if id like the silver barrel for actual games but for looks, it looks good. And yeah cause of the the two-tone, to me you got the the title of the sickestNoveske SPR build haha!
  10. From someone who has played solely with a NO ZOOM red dot sight, I can say that it would have been handy many times to have some zoom capability. I mean big time for things like target ID at distance even if you cant hit 'em it's good to know who's coming and from where. I have an eotech 557 and 4x zoom that sets behind it that I can flip outta the way for cqb so its technically a 1-4x sight Although maybe binoculars would be good for this...depends I guess.
  11. You can till get a refund even if you have been claimed as a dependent, I know from this happening to me every year... And if I get one this and don;t need tires for my vehicle, I want an m203
  12. Def first, look around outside and tell me you think it just came from rocks bangin together! It is an intelligent creation which had to have been created by an intelligent being or deity as you say.
  13. Well I thought Id update with what I got. I got the KWA KM4 ris haha, I know not even an option but It is the perfect gun for me. Field engineered with higher fps and longer barrel, it's an M4 so perfect for any loadout, and just a little shorter than the SR10. Thanks tho for the comment and votes it helped me realize I should not get a gun for mostly field that is made for cqb....DUH!!!
  14. Ok I typically play in a "field" environment with the occasional cqb situation. I am going to be ordering a new gun Monday and need to deciide between these 2 choices. I love KWA so that is set, I need a good gun outta the box. I do play mostly field but will be going to OP: Irene and (hopefully) OP: Bulldog, maybe other predominantly cqb sites in the future so keep that in mind. I really like the Sr7 because I love the MK18 mod0 and would build one if I got the Sr7. The Sr10 doesn't really look like something I could replicate another gun with besides some boring m16 (haha) but this is only minor I guess. I am really worried about range and accuracy at range. KWA, from what I've read engineered the Sr7 for CQB and the Sr10 for the field. Would I be at a huge disadvantage at field engagement distances with the Sr7? You can answer the specific questions in your post but my overall focus is simply what should I get in my situation???????????? Thanks! PS: I searched but only found the Sr10 vs M4 thread, not exactly the same. PSS: I do play medic and have thought a smaller gun wouldn't get in the way as much?
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